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OK, which one of these Intel NIC's would be better for my older system running Windows 98SE? I'm also running behind a Dlink DI-804HV router. The second One of these, below, has offload security.. I'm thinking the second one since it offloads and this older system has a low CPU MHz...

1. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16833106105

2. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16833106110
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  1. This was really a two part question.
    1. This old system is a 333Mhz Intel, it's downloading 2.6Mbits now on a old ISA NIC, just for the heck of it before I build my new XP-Intel machine I wanted to see if I could get this old one even faster...

    2. Another older system, 500Mhz Intel, running 98SE has the first listed NIC and was wondering if the second would be better? This system can be upgraded to XP. This system is going to be the main unit of two, it will be behind a D-Link wireless a, b, g router with a new XP machine of my son's running wireless through this router on the old machine. So, would the second NIC be beter in this second 2 machine set-up for the older computer at their house?
  2. ICmore now. :smile:

    If all your upload/download will be via the internet, there's no point in replacing the ISA NIC, its already faster than current internet connections. If you do file transfers between computers at your location, you will get better performance by switching to a PCI NIC - either is fine, but get the cheaper one unless you really do use IPSEC.

    In the absense of the IPSEC issue, either NIC will suffice, and neither will perform significantly better than the other. If you want gigabit LAN speeds, then get the one with gigabit capability (i.e., the cheaper one). If you need IPSEC, get that one.


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