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can anyone suggest me a gud gfx card for 200$ i was thinkin'of hd6870 is it gud enough ...
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  1. The GTX 560 will run Battlefield 3 on high easily (I use the 550Ti an run it on medium).
  2. Here are some benchmarks.,3063-3.html
    The GTX 560 ti will run battlefield at a smooth 60. They run the gamut between $230-300. If you opt for a more expensive card, the GTX 570 is in the "sweet spot" between budget and performance as you'd have to pay another $150 for a 580 and only benefit about 10 fps on average. The 570s cost around $350. I wouldn't go with anything less than a 560 ti, personally. Battlefield 3 is a great looking game, but it is also better optimized that most. Also, games are only going to get more and more demanding.
  3. A GTX560ti is the great deal to go if you're tight on the budget
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