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How to connect ethernet devices to an existing wireless ro..

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September 2, 2005 5:31:08 PM

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I have a linksys wireless router (WRT54G) on second floor of my home,
with a coonection to internet througha cable modem, and two computer
wired to the router, and desktop with a wireless card.

On the first floor of my home, I have a linksys Network Storage link
NSLU2 (with a USB hard drive connected), and a DLINk DSM-320 Media
Player. I wanted to connect them, so that I can save media files on
NSLU2 hard drive, and play them on TV using DSM-320. But both of them
needs connection to second floor router. DSM-320 to go to internet, and
NSLU2 to my computer so I can transfer media files from upstair

To do this, I bought Belkin wireless to ethernet bridge (FD7330), and
LINKSYS 5 port ethernet switch (EZXS55W). I connected NSLU2 , media
player DSM-320 & Wireless Bridge FD7330 to the switch EZXS55W. I
thought that the bridge will connect NSLU2 & DSM320 to the second floor
router. It does not work properly. I did configure the NSLU2, Bridge,
and & DSM with the etc, for the upstair router. I am able
to transfer files from the upstair computer to NSLU2. But media player
DSM-320 & NSLU2 don't work well when both are turned on. When I player
media from DSM320, the video is choppy and the media server running on
my upstair computer frequrntly becomes invisible to DSM320.

Please help me to set up the downstir network. Should I buy another
wireless router, or a bridge or an access point? A call to LINKSYS
support was not helpful.


September 3, 2005 11:39:16 PM

Archived from groups: alt.internet.wireless (More info?)

Problem Solved.

Based on everything I read about the bridge setup on TomsNetworking
site, it should have worked. So went to Belkin website, downloaded the
latest firmware BELKIN_EB_1.00.09WIZ1.0.0.9 and flashed the bridge. It
has been working like a charm for last 24 hours.

Basically, before the firmware update, Belkin bridge was only good for
one ethernet device. That is why when I had put two on the switch, it
was having random problems. I think the new firmware supports multiple
device connections (on a switch) to the access point on other side of
the bridge. So anyone interested in doing that, Belkin F5D7330 is a
good solution with the new firmawre.
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