How will I run BF3 and Arma 2 with these specs?

Hey guys, I am new to this site and computer world so I might sound a little noobish.

I just ordered a Evga Geforce gtx 560 ti. My specs are:
AMD Phenom x6 1045T 6 core 2.8Ghz
Windows 64 Bit
650W corsair PSU
8 GB ram
1 TB memory
GTX 560 ti
1600x900 resolution

I mostly play games like Arma 2 and BF3 and I know both of these need good processors, but I heard mine might be able to OC to 3.4 Ghz. But if I do not OC would I be able to play these games at most settings on highest with some at high?
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  1. BF3 some high, some medium i'd suggest, it'll still look great
  2. It wouldnt be able to run all high?
  3. my 470 runs high and medium.
    one of the people i recently helped on here had a 560ti was convinved that he could run on ultra, but didn't like the frame drops, well thats what ultra does, I think the biggest issue is just 1GB of texture memory, I use all of mine, and it would use more if it could.

    I say a mix of high and medium, depending on resolution of course, because thats what I think based on fault finding experience and my card.
  4. Ah okay I see, well what is your FPS at your settings? I know some people cant stand it if its under 40, but I usually don't mind and cant tell much of a difference. And I run it at 1600x900 which I read has really good FPS for BF3.
  5. 16x9 is a lot better than 2048x1153 or 1920x1080, you might be mid 40's to low 50's but it so much depends on the map and how full it is.
  6. Sounds pretty good, also Im just confused because I have seen these people on youtube running 470's 560's and 570's with High/ultra settings with around 40-50 FPS with FRAPS on. Shouldnt their fps drop a lot? (sorry still knew to computers lol)
  7. no idea the previous posters said the same thing, but had problems, lowered settings problems went away.
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