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So, I recently downloaded Skyrim from Steam, and when I tried to play the game, it was SUPER laggy, like, unplayable laggy, so I did a little googling and found out that my graphics card was a bit on the low end. I currently have an nvidia geforce 9200, and the requirements state that I need at least NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260 or higher. So, once again, I did more research, and found that my PSU wasn't high enough to run that card. I have an Acer Aspire X3 AX3950-UR30P with Windows Xp. So I've been looking around, but I'm technologically illiterate (if you couldn't tell), and I'm more confused than ever. This is kind of my last resort, so any helpful comments would be appreciated. I'll give you my current stats, since thats what caused me problems in the first place.

Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3
AMD Phenom 9650 Quad-Core Processor (which runs at 2.3 GHz)
3.0 GB's of RAM
GeForce 9200
NVIDIA High Definition Audio
and 829.7 GB of availible space

btw, my max PSU is 220 W. Thanks in advance!
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  1. Sorry to break it to you, but you are NOT going to be able to get anywhere near decent framerates with your current graphics card.

    Your pc is a slim form factor one, which leaves you pretty few options in terms of upgrading PSU, graphics card etc.

    The easiest thing would be for you to get a pc-knowledgeable friend to build you a new computer. If your economy doesn't allow

    that, then you're pretty much out of luck :(
  2. Uh that graphics card isn't ideal for any recent games. You need an upgrade.
  3. @ChrisCornell: So there are absolutely no options when it comes to upgrading? I realize I'm probably grabbing at straw here, but if there are any options whatsoever, I'd really appreciate it if you could give me some. I just can't afford to build a new computer from scratch.

    @killzone: Yeah, I had kind of gathered that :/ Are you insinuating that an upgrade is possible? If so, I'd appreciate it if you listed some recommendations. Thanks guys!
  4. That is...possible. And by possible, I mean far more probable than building a new computer. But what all would that entail? As far as taking everything out, putting it all back in, etc. Is there a specific type of case I should buy? Or does it matter at all? Like I said, I'm technologically illiterate, so I have no idea what I'm doing. Thanks for the responses and the patience. I understand what its like dealing with a noob. XD
  5. oldmangamer is correct; I've only ever built one computer from scratch. Usually its cheaper and easier to use existing parts and upgrade only what needs it the most. When selecting a case, you have to make sure it accepts the form factor of your current motherboard (unless you are upgrading it as well as the GPU). Look up your motherboard's specs to find the form factor (ATX or micro ATX or whatever it may be) and check it against the case you are getting- most cases can take smaller boards than the largest they will fit, but not all. And definitely don't buy a case that's too small. Wikipedia has an article on form factors for more info.

    In addition to, you can find cases for cheap from ebay or craigslist if you don't mind used parts. Additionally, if all you need is a case, old computers work very well- you can get outdated computers from schools, libraries, friends, etc for free or next to nothing, then rip all the stuff out and Presto! perfectly useable case. Just be sure and upgrade the PSU, as most computers of that age will not have a good one (or it may be broken or unreliable after years of service). Again, if you are doing this, be sure its big enough for your needs and be cautious of really, really old cases- if it was designed for Pentium IIs, it probably won't work well for you, even after you rip all its guts out. If for no other reason than it won't have holes for USB ports.

    Also, check this thread for software tips to get Skyrim running. It may not be enough to get it working on your system, but all those tips are free- and free is hard to argue with.
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    Your videocard is not meant for gaming. What you need is atleast a 9600GT and a good 500W PSU to play Skyrim.
  7. u can play skyrim, with that card i also played medal of honor ,

    manually edit the config.ini file and set the resolution to 400x400 or 300x300 in windowed mode and decrease ur windows resolution the minimum. if its still laggy then disable dx10 and set it to dx9 or lower , if it still lags set the draw distance to 0 keep repeatign this proceses with all the graphic values intill u have reduced the game to wireframemode:P

    but i sugest buying a new computer, single player games are free anyway.

    if u are a criminal and download torrents :O

    i dont aprove ..or dissaprove:P hint hint

  8. I have the same PC as OP. I opened it this morning and realized there was 1 free PCI Express spot, so for $60 I bought the Radeon 6450 2GB which seems like an awesome card (way better than the 5550:
  9. A 6450 is a terrible card get a 6670 absolute minimum preferably a 7770 of better.
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