Need help w/ video settings Deus Ex HR

Hello, just picked up deus ex human evolution on steam for 10 bucks. I have a gtx560 ti 2gb video card and the game will only allow settings for 1360x768. When i uncheck dx11 then it will allow for 1080p. From what I see my system is well over the required specs to play maxed out
i5 2500k, 8gb 1600, 500gb hdd, evga gtx 560 ti 2gb. I am playing the game hdmi through my TV, the TV is 1080i but so far I have no problem playing skyrim ultra settings in 1080p. What could it be?

Thank you in advance
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  1. That's weird. Put the game into windowed at Direct X 11, then make the window maximized. You can do that if you have no other solution to your problem. Sorry for not being too helpful.
  2. it could be the fact that skyrim is a dx9 game. you can chose that resolution and then scale the game image through GPU settings.
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