Asus A7V vs. Abit KT7 Raid

Has antone got any advice on which board would be better suited for an AMD 800MHz TB. I will also be using 32Mb Prophet II.
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  1. From my experience with both Asus and Abit you can safely go with the Asus. The Abit might be more overckockingfriendly, but that doesn't really help cos the Asus is more stable at any given frequency. It's also slightly faster. This is based on tests I've read and to me they make sense cos Asus is really the BMW of Motherboards - Fast, comfortable and skyhigh quality.

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  2. Yes, I agree. In tests I have seen on Tom's page the a7v does seem faster. ALthough, the abit is easier to o/c, if you are interested in that.....the abit kt7 raid also has the raid option (well duh :) )
    But, i'm running the a7v with an 800 t-b and I'm very pleased. Really easy to setup and the board has been flawless. (aside from manually changing an irq for my sb live value card which is a know problem, easily fixed though)

    good luck.
  3. Hi there,
    I have experience with overclocking on both boards. Overall I'd recommend the ASUS A7V, even though it requires flipping a few dipswitches to overclock, while the ABIT board has the BIOS features for it. Really that's no big deal. In my experience ASUS boards are usually more stable and to me that's worth any little extra work. The on-board RAID on the raid-equipped ABIT board is a nice feature though, but you can always add a PROMISE FASTTRAK RAID controller to the ASUS board for fairly cheap.

    I currently run a Duron 700 clocked to 850 on the ASUS A7V, without a hitch. I'll probably push it a little higher as soon as the heavy duty fans I have on order arrive. I've heard of people getting them up to 1GHz! I figure I'll let it go at 900 or 950.

    Anyhow, although both boards are good, it's not easy to put a price on reliability, so I'm on the ASUS side of things.
  4. I am for the Asus as well, I do system builds for a living, so when we do wrk stations or such I go with the Asus. the only problems I have ever had with Asus is that it's service/support is a little slow...but since I have less experiance with the Abit, cannot judge this to be minus or not!!

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  5. It's all a matter of company preference and stability vs. overclockability. I went with Abit personally, but I think it's like comparing tangerines to oranges...they are both the same thing for all I'm concerned.
  6. I've built loads of Intel systems and a few AMD K6 systems, but I've finally decided it was time to go over to the dark side and (re)build my personal system with an AMD 750 T-Bird and a ASUS A7v. Should have all my components here early next week, so if anyone can advise me on pitfalls beforehand, I'd appreciate it. My initial goal is to build it as a stable 750, then work my way up the scale.

    Again... the A7v really seems like a very nice board (I have it today), and I have high hopes of success.

  7. But one thing to note is that there is KT7 <b>raid</b>

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  8. RAID rules. My friend has an awesome RAID setup, and I watch him load Q3A maps and play for a good 10 seconds before anyone else shows up on the map.
  9. You cant go wrong with either, but there is more to life than Asus and Abit. You may want to check out MSI too. They make the most stable boards out there and with the new K7T Pro 2, you dont need to go w/o overclocking abilities either.
  10. Aye, MSI makes a damn good dual p3 board as well.
  11. I have had both, the Abit and Asus. The ABIT is much better, i found it faster (With the UL bios and 4 Bank Interleaving), just as stable, 6 PCI slots rock, the 3 Phaze power means it can run T-birds up to 1.7GHz, only board to get over 115FS (I got 135 to post, and runstable at 124) RAID, an ISA slot and NO AMR. ASUS make damn fine boards, but the KT7 Rocks!
  12. I am curently running a Duron 600MHz@1GHz using an ABIT KT7 and just a standard Cooler for T-birds up to 1.2GHz (Titan Majesty V) without any problems. Actually, I wouldn't recommend the RAID since in my experience the Highpoint system/drivers just *suck* compared to the PROMISE Raid. Especially sine there is the FastTrak 100!

    So, get the cheaper ABIT KT7, get a really cheap 600MHz Duron, invest in loads of really high quality memory (Infenion)and mybe an additional Promise RAID using two to four IBM DTLAs.

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  13. Hmmm....I'll go against the trend solely because you did not state which type of system you intend to build with it. I will go the route of the Abit KT7 for many reasons. First off, it is a quality board, as is the Asus. Secondly, it's the board I have in this server which has a 1 GHz T-bird in it. My final and only logical reasoning is that all my machines are server oriented. If you want true speed, strip a couple of 7,200 RPM IBM 75GXP drives on the built-in ATA/100 RAID ports and watch it fly. Enjoy and good luck

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  14. I personally always go with Abit motherboards... I don't know anything about their Athlon line, but a long time ago me and my friend both bought the same Celeron 300A chip, but I bought an Abit BH6 and he bought the equivalent from Asus because Tom's benchmarks said the Asus was faster... well I just went with the little retail fan, and my friend ordered one of those iceman fans with 3 huge fans on it and a massive heatsink, and put it on with that heat conducting goo stuff... other than that, we got the same case, video card, etc.

    We both over clocked our CPUs to 450(100), and my Celeron in my Abit was rock-solid stable from day one. I even ran it through a low-resolution Quake 2 looped timedemo (running at about 120 fps) for 6 hours straight with not the slightest problem. My friend's Celeron in his Asus with the big fans was never completely stable, and he ended up running it at 300 mhz, while I kept mine at 450.

    Now I know not all CPUs are the same, and he may have screwed up his settings or something, but even if it's just for good luck, I'll always go with Abit motherboards.
  15. All I've really experienced is the ABIT boards. I was tinking of getting an Asus just to see if I like em. They seem to have a good following. What attracted me to abit was 1) easily overclockable 2) 4 DIMMS when most mobos had 3 ! 3) one of the first out with a BX overclockable mobo. I do like my abits (bx), and a friend of mine has the K-7 on my suggestion and loves it.
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