Win 7 Won't install ATI Drivers

I was recently getting many BSOD of DXGMMS1.SYS after downloading from Steam - Civ 5.

So I decided to upgrade from 10.8 to 10.9 ATI Drivers and the problem didn't change.

I followed the uninstall of drivers using Driver Sweeper from Guru 3d- exactly the way they tell you to.

Now the problem is, I can't install ATI Drivers. It extracts goes through the entire install process then comes up at the end that there is an Error. ATI Display Driver
Final Status: Fail
Version of Item: 8.741.0.0000
Size: 90 Mbytes

So any help would be appreciated.
I can't do a system restore because of Win XP is on this machine and all System Restores are deleted :(

Win7 64 Ultimate
ATI 4670
E6300 @ 2.5GHZ
3.00 GB Ram

Thank you
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  1. After ages of searching this fixed my problem.
    Downloaded an older version of the Win 7/Vista Drivers and it seems stable so far.
    Got to give more testing, but no crashes yet, and back to recognising my monitor as well as using a better resolution.

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