Gma 4500m capabilities

Hey guys,

I have an Emachines e525 , 4gb ram and a celeron dual t3500 cpu.
Only problem is the graphics, a GMA 4500m.

What games can I actually run ??
I'm not expecting any high settings of course.

Please speak of experience and don't slate saying its s**t and doesn't run anything becauce you've read so online.

Thanks guys
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  1. Hi my friend. so u can run Call of duty 4 & 6 but in 640 resolution & low settings ofcourse ... PES All series, FarCry 2 :D yes u can but also in low setting, devil my cry 4, crysis 1, Need for speed Carbon, In generale all 2008's Games and latter... So have a nice day ! ;) i had also this video card in my laptop ... :D good luck my friend & good luck to update ur software why not!
  2. I had an intel board with that same graphics chip. It is fine for watching videos, but forget about playing any 3D games. I have a 6600GT on that board now and it runs source engine games on low resolutions and low settings. I also runs minecraft at medium settings. You should be able to play flash games, but if you are really serious about playing 3D games you need to look into getting a graphics card. You can pick up a 9800GT low power card for about $50 used on ebay, but pretty much anything will be an upgrade.
  3. thanks anasinho !! but crysis ?? really ?? lol that would be insane haha !
    and bigj231 you are wrong my friend, I have played 3d games on here, but just low settings, and i cant upgrade becauce its intergrated, but thanks for your reply haha
  4. Search YouTube using the name of the game you are interest in play and "GMA 4500m" like:

    Crysis GMA 4500m
    Sims 3 GMA 4500m

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