How can I run 64 bit games on 32 bit computer?

I have windows 7 64 bit at home.
At work I have windows 7 32 bit.
I would like to put games on a removable flash drive and run it at work.
Can I do this and have it run there?
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  1. no, not if it a 64bit executable.
    is your CV up to date?
  2. yes
  3. There are not games that are specifically 64-bit otherwise that would exclude a lot of potential players.

    There are some games that comes with both 32-bit and 64-bit launchers. Which specific 64-bit games are you taking about?

    Simply installing a game on a flash drive may not work. Some games need to have information written to Window's Registry otherwise the game will not run.

    Why are you playing games at work? It's a good way to get fired though if that is your goal.
  4. ^+1
    If you want to run the games at work take the gameing CD with you and down load it. Most of the games out there are still 32 bit games. Like said above you shouldn't take games to work.

    That is what a laptop is for so when lunch comes you can play. But I have fired people in the past for playing games on my computers that are suppose to be used for my company. Good luck to you.
  5. There is no possible way to run a 64 bit program on a 32 bit OS. Although, some 32 bit programs are compatible with 64 bit operating systems.
  6. I wouldn't if you wanto keep your job but no you cannot run 64 bit programs on a 32 bit os
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