Overclocked Pentium 3 by Changing the Multiplier

this is possible

<A HREF="http://technology.scmp.com/business/Daily/20001111073401135.asp" target="_new">http://technology.scmp.com/business/Daily/20001111073401135.asp</A>
The syndicate used hi-tech equipment to modify genuine chips of lower speed into higher megahertz ratings. The CPUs were then shipped from Hong Kong with a mix of genuine and fake parts.

"This is the first laboratory of this type that has been discovered anywhere in the world," Mr Sayell said. He believed the syndicate had shipped about 30,000 counterfeit CPUs in the past three months.

Technicians from US-based Intel and AMD suppliers will visit Hong Kong to help ICAC officers.
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  1. Anything is possible and again anything can just be another "rumor". If it is true, then Intel has a real problem.

    Thermal Acceleration means 'Overclocking'
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