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I am building 3 computers at the moment. 1 for my dad, one for my sisters, and one for my girlfriend. My current computer has an older copy of windows that I got from a older computer. What is my best bet for installing windows on these computers? I have the dell software, but I know it wont let me activate it on all these comps. Is there a version of windows I can buy that would give me 3 codes? Any help or ideas would be great. Thanks
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  1. Technically, you have to buy 3 copies of Windows XP.
    You could buy 1, install on all 3, but then you could run into future problems.
    Be safe, buy 3 copies.
  2. After you install, you have the 30 days to activate. What happens if you just reinstall after the 30 days, and have another 30 days after that. Other than the hassle of re installing every month?
  3. Think about it.. Do you really want to reinstall Windows every 30 days, then reinstall all your programs, every 30 days?

    Buy the 3 copies.. you can try buying one and then installing it on all 3, but Microsoft is starting to crack down on that stuff.. you get 5 activations and then you have to call in until 3 months pass, before you get an online activation back.
  4. you could activate it and then clone it to the other computers, assuming they are the same boards it shouldnt need to be reactivated. far as i know the reactivation only kicks in if you change an obscene ammount of hardware.

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    When you activate, just tell the opperator that you simply reinstalled the software! They do not know any difference! I promise! Of the 100+ times I have called for an activation key, they never once question me at all! You know why? Because they can not prove it!

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