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I need some help deciding on a headset currently. I have heard mixed reviews on the Turtle beaches, and my current one continues to get knocked around and beaten up due to me tripping on the cord a lot, and so I want to invest in a wireless headset. My current budget for it is around $80, can somebody please help me out? I also prefer to have over the ear cuffs, as my ears will begin to hurt really badly if it isn't.
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  1. I recently have been using my PS3 Wireless Stereo Headset. Its USB and plug-in-play. The only thing is supposedly you can't adjust the MIC volume on the computer but you might be able to in games. They really comfy and last for about 4 hours before recharging is needed. Also the virtual surround sound doesn't work on the PC as far as I know. I bought these with my main intention of using them on the PS3 but it doesn't hurt that you can use them on you PC as well.

  2. Creative Sound Blaster Tactic3D Wrath Wireless USB Im using it now and i love em 1 compliant though only has a range of about 30-50 feet

    Otherwise i would stick with Corsair 1300 solid gaming headset

    If you dont want a mic and looking for just a cheap headphone i'd recommend the Razer Orca
  3. try to find one using the search criteria : Headseat eax 7.1

    ull love it if u find a cheap one,

    u can hear footsteps behind u next to u front of u

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