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I just completed my Home Theater PC set up with surround sound, 60" 1080p tv, and most importantly 4 X-Box 360 controllers with the PC signal receiver.

I have enjoyed emulating N64 and playing all the ROMs with my friends and family, but would like to enjoy some newer games (and better graphics). I've tried Street Fighter 4, Dynasty Warriors 6, and Madden 08. They all worked great with the 360 controllers and allowed multiplayer on one PC and one screen. I was wondering what kinds of shooters are available. Is it possible to play Halo 2? I notice many games released on PC don't have the same multiplayer capability that their console counterparts do have. Once again, I'm talking about multiplayer with 1 screen and 1 computer, not LAN.

If I can game multiplayer on the HTPC, I think my HTPC would successfully replace the DVD, Blu-Ray, Cable Box, CD/Radio, and video game systems. The HTPC could be only piece of hardware I'd need in the living room! Now what to do with all the superfluous wires?

I'm really interested in first person shooters, especially if there's a good co-op mode in addition to the 4 person free for all. That being said, I'm new to this and would appreciate any advice and recommendations of great multiplayer titles of any genre. Thanks in advanced for your help.
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  1. The best MMO-RPG now has to be Star Wars: The Old Republic. Try that out.
  2. varun706 said:
    The best MMO-RPG now has to be Star Wars: The Old Republic. Try that out.

    I may be wrong, but I think the OP is looking for titles that are local co-op.
  3. there aint many games on pc that allow split screen multiplayer. its just not a big demand on pc gaming...
  4. Try Cobalt. Its a fun little side scrolling shooter. Its in Alpha stage of development at the moment, supports multiplayer and co-op on the same PC and is compatible with Xbox 360 controller!
  5. Cobalt is definetly good game. I like the story line.
  6. There are lots of older games for PC with split screen, but as other posters mentioned, not many (or perhaps not any) modern ones. I know a few older games; if you're interested, just ask.
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