Older Games Lagging/Long Loading On New Gaming Laptop

Hi, I've had this issue that's been bugging me for a few weeks now; I got this new laptop around Christmas 2011 (see below for specs) and it went great, playing all my older games with settings maxed and high fps. Also it plays new games fairly comfortably as well. About 4 weeks ago I played some BF2 offline and had a constant 100 fps with all settings maxed including AA. Then I went to play it offline again 2 weeks later and it sits around 40 fps, then about 5-10 fps during any action. Another weird thing was that maps used to load up in about 15-20 seconds. Now it takes about 5mins. My old Toshiba Satellite with a 1.8ghz processor and a Radeon X1300 loads it faster and plays with more fps!
My friend has an Acer that's a couple of years old now and struggles to play BF3 campaign without it crashing (his video card too outdated but can play Far Cry 2 on ultra, whereas I can only play it on high??). He can play older games MUCH better than me. (I play BF3 campaign on high settings comfortably).
Anyone know the solution to my problem? Its not just BF2 that is giving me trouble, but ALL games older than like 2 years (ArmA 2 is now unplayable, 15fps with smallest resolution and lowest graphics).
Thanks in advance!

My Specs:
HP DV-6 Notebook
-Intel Quad Core i7 2670QM CPU (2.2Ghz)
-579GB hard drive (474GB free)
-AMD Radeon Mobility HD6770M 1GB dedicated
-17.6inch screen (1366x768 pixels)
-Win7 64bit SP1
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  1. do you do regular maintenance..... ive never had tht sourt of trouble xxxx
  2. Run CCleaner every day. Defrag weekly. Have cleared game caches. I have no idea what's going on :??:
  3. Update your drivers? Try a reinstall of the games?
  4. Stupid Username said:
    Update your drivers? Try a reinstall of the games?

    Drivers all up to date. Just did a fresh reinstall of BF2 and it now has the black dot thing on the ground surfaces and is running at even lower FPS. Now more like 10-15fps consistantly.
    EDIT: Don't worry, I fixed the even slower lag and black spots by assigning my high performance GPU to BF2. But it is just back to its usual rate of slowness...
  5. slow loading is normaly down to fragmentation. use a decent defragger like ultimate defrag, o&O defrag, auslogics defrag or piriforms defraggler.
    low fps on new working laptops is often heat related. check your temps and clean out your vents... most important dont use your laptop on your bed or in your bedroom for that matter as that is the dustiest room in the house... if you do your lappy will clog with dust in less than 6 months and have high temps after 2.
  6. Check your temps like HEXiT said. Whats going on in the background? Any background processors running and using up system resources? Might also be worth checking the event log for any errors or warnings! Performing a virus/malware scan would be a good idea too.
  7. *processes
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