Installing Windows 7 64 bit on 32 bit xp

Hello, I have just purchased a new computer and would like to install Windows 7 64 bit on it. I already have (from my previous computer) a Windows XP (32 bit) and I also have the Windows 7 64 bit upgrade disc. As the computer is currently empty (no previous files) can I install the Windows XP 32 bit and then move directly to the Windows 7 64 bit?
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  1. If winxp is a retail not an oem version then all you have to do is call microsoft and tell them your old machine is dead and you want to install the winxp on the new machine, the winxp on the old machince will deactivate one it goes through WGA checks but to be on the safe side just blank it.
  2. I would have just bought the full version of Win7 as their have been issues upgrading from xp to win7 (don't know if they have solved that or not).

    But if i was in your position, i would install xp (I would install the top priority updates only) then install win7 upgrade an install all updates.

    As for microsoft when you validate xp. If you end up having to speak to a service agent just tell them "its a hardware change and the other pc is dead" and they should ok it.
  3. If you have a genuine Microsoft XP disk, not a manufacturers oem disk, ie; Dell, HP, Acer etc. you can install that. If it's one of the oem's then you can't use it.
    You can then install your W7 upgrade.
    If need more help go here.>
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