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Running WinXP Pro SP2... Have the screensaver set to go on at 10 min and the monitor to turn off at 20. Using WinAmp to play an internet radio channel while I'm not using the computer and it immediately stops when the monitor turns off. Standby and Hibernation are not set to happen.

Is there any link to the monitor powering down and losing/terminating network connectivity? I do have ZoneAlarm running, and its set to lock internet access when the screensaver comes on, but WinAmp is set as a pass-lock program and has no problems when just the screensaver is running. Drivers on the Ethernet are up-to-date.

Anybody know if ZoneAlarm or XP SP2 shut off the network when the monitor gets turned off?


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  1. Is this on a laptop, or desktop. If it is a laptop it can be a power saving feature to stop everything when it go's into and shutdown idle state.

    If it is a desktop then this is a totally different issue. I would double check the network card properties, and see if it has a power save mode, or check the software to see if that is the problem
  2. Its on a desktop, and I just figured it out...

    Its not a problem with my network/firewall, but the internet radio station craps out or times out clients after a time. I was doing homework when I noticed this, so i'd just notice the music stopped, now that I'm actually paying attention to it its not my computer but the source.

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