What kind of cooling system should I get?

I'm wondering if I should get something that cools the whole case, something just for the processor, or both. The main things that would need to be cooled are the Duron and GeForce2. I don't plan on overclocking.
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  1. If you don't plan to OC, normal cooling methods should be fine. A large heatsink fan combo would be fine. I personally use a water cooling system that I made, but I am also generating more heat. I do plan to add a water cooled heatsink to my GeForce2 card, but it should be an easy addition to my water cooler.

    "Water-Cooled CPU Runner"
  2. Get a good Heat sink and fan for your cpu, and add a slot fan of any other kind of case fan to keep the temperature of your case lower. You can buy those slot fans from any good cooling site (www.3dcool.com www.2cooltech.com, etc.)
  3. There really is no point to watercooling a Geforce2 since the memory is the bottlenech of the system. If you want to cool the chip a little better, add a better heatsink and fan. If you are really interested in seeing how to make your Geforce2 fly, keep an eye out for my article at www.procooling.com
  4. www.outsideloop.com and www.frostytech.com have some good cooling solutions. Outsideloop has good coverage on most cooling and includes pictures/CFM ratings/phisical dimentions/price and a few other details that can be helpfull.
  5. Well, you'll need a heatsink for the CPU, so you should go with something that will make it last a while, like a nice silent Vantec Aeroflow, but you can check out www.AMD.com for their recommended list, but I always say to look for something that will cover a clocking speed higher than yours, that way you get "overcooling", because quite frankly, the cooler the better. Otherwise, you need an exhaust fan, but an intake is, I can't believe I'm saying this but, optional. I would DEFINITELY recommend one, as the additional $10 is worth it, for the life of your computer, because heat tends to kill performance a lifespan, but if you're not overclocking than don't go all out either.
  6. Vantec!
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