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My brother and I have been using both K6-2 450@500 processors since a year ago or so. Now I've managed to get my hands over two slot1 boards. An Abit BH6 considered too old, and a AOpen AX63pro wich was suposed not to be working right. The deal is that I've been testing both and they so far run pretty smooth with a Slotket and a Celemine 566. A decent improvement comes only by running a 100MHz FSB to reach 850 CPU speed (to me, one of the few possible ways to justify nowadays the purchase of a CeleronII). I achive this in both boards, but only with a Vcore of 1,75V. A little too high for stock heatsink, though blown by a decent fun (from a power unit I ripped off some time ago).
I don´t get temperatures with software monitors at all in the Abit and the one I get from the Aopen I suspect is the one of the board, since it does'nt seem to depend on CPU's Vcore. This may be due to slotkets (they don't seem to carry any thermal sensor at all).
So here is the question: How can I measure CPU's temperature?
It is important if I pretend to work on 1,75v or over...
I've got a 50W peltier, scooter radiator and waterpump, ready to go for a top notch cooling system (ggg) but I won't either go for it without temperature measurements(buah buah buah).
If I get a thermal sensors with display at an electronics store, are they reliable, and how do I mount them?
Thanx a lot!!!
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  1. Well, I preffer the CompuNurse temp monitors. They make one with a single displa and one with dual display (I like this, you can monitor CPU core temp and GPU core or case temp)... There's also a model by LianLi which has dual temp monitoring, a little more expensive though. I believe the CompuNurse is available at www.directron.com and the lianli just about anywhere else... maybe try www.crazypc.com. If you're really into modding, you can always pick-up a dual temp monitor from HomeDepot or the likes for about $15... hope it helped..
  2. Try MBM 5... with my P3+slotket and Abit BE6-II I do get CPU temps.

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  3. The PIII and Celeron II have a built-in thermal diod, some slotkets support it, some don't even have that pin connected. Same with the motherboards, I don't think the PII used the thermal diod pin, so some boards might support it, while others don't. My board and slotket both do:)

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