Skyrim framerate and artefacts

Hi everybody,

I'm new here, but have found many answers to my problems through this forum and you all seem to know a hell of a lot more about this kind of stuff than me, so I thought I'd see if you all could help with a problem I'm having.

My desktop gaming rig (which is a little bit old now, but still what I'd consider relatively powerful) recently had a HDD failure warning, so I installed a new drive and reinstalled Windows 7 to it (keeping the old drive as a secondary to copy across any important information). On the old installation, I could play Skyrim with a reasonable amount of graphic enhancing mods (including higher resolution mods, before the CK came out) at an easily playable FPS and with very little in the way of issues.

However now that I've reinstalled Windows and reinstalled Skyrim from scratch, I'm having a bunch of problems.

At first I had a huge amount of mods installed, so I cut them all out and gave it a go, adding a few as I went to find the spot where I could run it. Was using a save from vanilla just after exiting Helgen, but found that when I get to Riverwood or anywhere with NPCs, I would get a large amount of stutter and an FPS drop with only the HD DLC installed (and even a little bit without it). I also had issues with flickering trees in the distance, and the occasional artefact appearing (such as this wall which would flicker on and off ). I also later had a huge amount of coloured shapes, almost like the old Windows screensavers, flashing around but they would disappear when I pressed the screenshot button so couldn't get a shot.

Do any of you have any idea what could be causing this?

My rig is:

i7 920 @ 2.67Ghz
MSI Pro-e X58 motherboard
2 PSUs (one for motherboard/CPU/RAM and a separate one in the drive bays for the GPU, as I had it lying around and my original PSU wasn't enough for everything).

I have the latest NVIDIA drivers, and have the same issue whether Ambient Occlusion is forced on or off).

Thanks very much!
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  1. Does any other game show this same problem?
    Or just Skyrim, that has been acting weird lately.

    What's the new HDD you bought recently?
  2. Thanks for the reply.

    I haven't installed much on this new drive yet, but League of Legends runs without any problems (not surprising), and Arma 2 runs completely fine but every now and then I need to flush the GPU memory with an ingame command otherwise the screen goes black and the game minimizes, which is actually a bit strange. Could there be a fault with the card? I understand that the GTX 295 is a twin GPU card with 1.7gb all up of memory, which you'd think would be enough for a game a few years old. I hadn't connected the two as possibly having the same issue before, but still no idea what I should do about it.

    The new HDD was just a standard Seagate 7200rpm 500GB. Same as the one it replaced.
  3. I'm starting to think if it is a problem with your GPU.
    Which NVIDIA driver do you have now? And which one did you have before your HDD failed.

    Try reverting back t your previous NVIDIA drivers, If the problems persists, then check the temps of your card. d
  4. I'm currently using the latest drivers, 295.73. Before the HDD failed I was using older drivers, 257.21. I'm going to try and revert back to those now and see what happens. While I haven't actually checked the temperatures on the card (I'm downloading speedfan now), something makes me doubt that's the problem. Don't know what. I'll let you know how it goes!
  5. Yeah, report back with your results.
  6. So I reverted back to the older drivers (turned out I had a 285.62 version, which was probably what I previously had installed). After a decent amount of testing, now the only way I can get those crazy colours and artefacts to appear is when I'm using the Skyrim HD mod. So either my computer can't handle the extra huge textures (but seems to be able to handle the HD DLC almost flawlessly), or there's something wrong with my download of it. I noticed that even if I only turn on a single aspect of the SHD mod (such as terrain), I get a huge FPS drop and artefacts.

    I also noted my GPU temps, and they never got over 75 (which seems fairly low doesn't it?)

    So I guess my problem's kinda resolved, but I'm not 100% convinced that my computer just simply can't handle the SHD mod, due to the weird results I get when using it. Do you have any other theories?
  7. VladimirNikolai said:

    I also noted my GPU temps, and they never got over 75 (which seems fairly low doesn't it?)

    Degree Celsius?
    If so, that's a bit high. I suggest you use a fan profile and up the speeds of your GPU.
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