Strange Skyrim issues.

Hi, just registered here to get my problem fixed,

I'm getting very low FPS outside cities in the open world, when I explore a bit the FPS is ~18 while it's supposed to be way higher, I get 40+ FPS inside the cities, dungeons and interiors. Now the strange thing is that I've got a 64-bit version of Windows 7 Ultimate, I have a clean, retail version of Skyrim with the latest patch installed. I have all my drivers up to date and my HDDs have recently be formatted and I installed a clean version of Windows 7 after formatting.
This low FPS doesn't really make the game unplayable though, it's more the random crashes that I get when I'm exploring or going to a quest, I'm crashing once in the 5 minutes of exploring thus making the game unplayable.
I've tried a lot of different fixes to this, the 4GB patch, audio fix, reboot, reinstall and some more and it didn't work.

My current PC setup:

AMD Phenom X6 1090T 3.2Ghz
4GB DDR2 RAM 1066mhz
1GB Radeon 6790 Club 3D DDR5
500 watt PSU

I have no idea what's causing this, I assume it's a shadow rendering issue but I'm not sure.
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  1. Do you have and mods installed? i got something like 20 mods installed and i realized my framerate is starting to drop. Also try turning down the draw distance and a few settings to see if it helps. You may just be using up the full 1gb on your graphics card.
  2. Yes I have but only these:
    Ebony armor mod
    Believable hair
    Better Females
    Catwalk Exaggerated
    Blood textures
    Coolsims hair pack
    HQ Eyes
    Skimpy armor set
    Dragonpriest masks
    Seraphim Armour

    I don't see how these mods can create this problem as these are mostly character related and as I don't get any crashes in interiors/cities/dungeons I don't think these mods are causing the issues.
  3. Hi

    Try the Tweakguides. There is one specifically for Skyrim.

  4. Yeah mine are mostly texture mods/sound mods, which is probably cause my framerate issues. I would just try to turn down the draw distance, to see if it helps. Try to use a little less vram on your card. Skyrim uses alot trying to load all the goodness outdoors. It would make sense since your only having your issues outside.
  5. Already tried, didn't seem to work.
  6. How many hours are you into skyrim..the pc does have the same issues as the xbox and ps3..but just takes a hell of alot longer. Try starting a new game, and see if you still have the issue. I know thats a fix the fix on the ps3/xbox. If it works then the game might just be crapping out on you if you have been playing it for along time. My only other thought might just be your CPU. Skyrim is a really cpu intensive game with everything it needs to load, but you should be fine with the x6.
  7. I'm around 80 hours now.
    Starting a new game didn't fix it, new game crashes just when Tullius splits from the wagons.
    However I find it wierd that I was able to run Skyrim on the highest settings with the most maxed out .ini settings I could find, including FXAA post processing and ENB and many many more mods that enhance the game, that was on my previous installation of windows which was 7 Ultimate 32-bit.
  8. Hmm. You said you tried a fresh install with no mods and starting a fresh game. The rest of your specs look fine to run the game. It does seem weird you were able to run it fine before..but i mean it is a bethesda game and i had fallout 3 goty addition completely crap out on me to the point it was crashing like every 15 minutes trying to do the dlc's eventually after a few patches they somewhat fixed it, but still never ran great. I would just go on bethesda forums and try to get a few people who have ran into the same thing. With all the issues skyrim has im sure your not alone. Wish i could help you a bit more, but honestly it might just be the game itself. Theres tweaking guides out there online that might help but it envolves a shitload of steps, changing file names and all that nonsense.
  9. I fixed the issue, apparently it was power cables running from the PSU touching the GPU thus creating electrical impact on the GPU, this caused the memory clock to malfunction.
  10. Well glad you took care of it man. Have fun playing skyrim.
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