Games with Online, Client-Server (or Peer to Peer) Support?


I was wondering if anyone knows of online multiplayer PC games that support the client-server model and or the peer-to-peer model (both not LAN and not dedicated). To the uninitiated, I'm talking about games where you can create your own private server in-game and allow specific people to play on it (friends/family) by giving your IP address/password to them. I've been trying to find games with this support using search engines, but it's difficult to find conclusive lists of the subject as the search results are saturated with irrelevant info (sometimes you just can't find anything with forums/blogs/erroneous or moronic articles written about the simplest tasks...end rant).

Specifically, I'm looking for racing and strategy games that have this support that have been released in the last 6 years or so. I was hoping Age of Empires III (or II) had this support, but apparently it doesn't.

I don't buy a lot of PC games and the only online games I've played in the past are CS 1.6, Q3A/RA3, and NFSHP so my knowledge may be somewhat lacking in this area. Most games today seem to use an external server service (, EA, etc.), but all I care about is playing specific people without relying on said services.

If you can direct me to a site that has the info, I'd appreciate it just as much.

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  1. there are many games where you can host your own server. most fps games will allow it in 1 form or another. the cod series have there own dedicated servers as do source games. in fact it would be easier to name the 1s that dont ;)
    you can if you wish host a server off site. there are quite a few server hosts that charge by the slot. you just buy the game and order a server. you will then be given log in details which you either enter into your rcon (remote console) or log in to the web based console...

    some decent hosts are
    and my personal fav as i have used them regualrly and have a good customer service that is run via a forum... you can guarentee your questions will be answered withing minutes if your server kacks up... they helped me set mine up for the first time and litrally walked me through it, step by step...
    also there prices are very reasonable per slot.. (varying on a per game basis) but on the whole are pretty good value for money and dont seem to suffer server lag as often as the other major players do.(even when they do they will offer more bandwidth which many dont) other major companies that provide this kind of service often are short on server space so will play pass the buck. when 1 server lags they will add more bandwidth but at the cost of another games smoothness. then when that game is complained about they will add more to it but move it on to another and just go round in circles till you decide you have had enough and cancel, knowing full well another sucker will be along in a moment... (multiplay are known for this)
  2. Thanks HEXiT for the info/comments/links.

    I was aware that you can pay for your own dedicated servers, but I appreciate the info nonetheless. The thing is, I'm looking more for current, decent games that support free/private online multiplayer which is built into the game (if it even exists).

    It seems to be a continuing trend that modern game developers are leaving such an option out so that players are forced to use their proprietary services or LANing, even though internet technology has sped up dramatically in the last decade allowing players to host everything themselves. When the companies decide to shutdown those servers, players are left to pay for hosting or simply playing single player. But, this is an entirely different argument altogether.

    Need For Speed: Porsche Unleashed was an example of "Peer-to-Peer" multiplayer where a player could host a game, give their IP address to someone, and then play happily online (people are probably still playing). I'm wondering if there are any good recent games that have this functionality.

    The reason for me wanting this kind of multiplayer is because I'd like to play specific friends, host/control the server for free, and not have to fiddle around with external services/software. While I'm pretty tech-savvy, my friends are not.

    Anyway, it seems like a lost cause. Most of today's PC games (other than FPSes, which I don't care about nearly as much as I used to) seem to lack this functionality after researching. I don't know. It just seems wasteful, ignorant, lazy, or inconsiderate. To be honest, I don't care to play with random kids on the interwebz.
  3. like i said the cod series have there own servers. cod4, black ops and mw2/3 all have em... you run them separate from the game and use an rcon to control them. your server will then show up in the list and your friends can find it by name... or if you wish your ip... but to be honest finding by name is easier as your ip may change every couple of days if its a dhcp connection...
    you may also find em on games that have MP co-op games.
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