Battlefield 3 Lag Issue

So for some reason my pcing is lagging really bad on Battlefield 3 and I just build it.
Here's the specs:
i7 2600k
Asus z68 gen3/pro
Corsair 850w psu
EVGA GTX 570 1.25mb
Linksys n network card
ssd (can't remember company)
16gb g-skill 2133 ram

My cpu temp is 68-70C when i'm on battlefield 3 (ordered a h80 cooler)
my download speed is 15mbps and my upload is 13mbps

My ping is fluctuating alot and so the game will run fine for 20 seconds and then lag really hard and my ping will shoot to around 250. Tryed on all graphics settings.

When I go to join the game on the right it will say my ping will be around 40.

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  1. So you're having this with only Multi player?
    Does this happen with all servers?
  2. the only immediate thought is do you have a phone plugged into your machine? a friends ping goes mad (just like yours) when his iphone is plugged in, we've no idea why.
    are there some issues with sb running ram at that speed (and little material benefit?) not that I can see it causing this issue.
  3. I'm thinking that it may be something to do with my networking card. My macbook sitting right next to my computer will get 21mbps Download and 18mbps upload.
  4. chipset drivers installed from the manufacturer?
  5. I installed all of the drivers that came off of the cd that came with the motherboard.. would there be any i'm missing?
  6. just did another speed test and i'm at about 3mbps download and 13mbps upload
  7. change network cable?
  8. i'm using a network adapter plugged into the pci port
  9. try using onboard network

    can you cahnge the network cable?
  10. what do you mean by onboard network and changing the cable?
  11. there's a cable between your pc and the router, try and different one.
    There will be a network port on your mobo, try using this one.
  12. get rid of the pci card

    go down to shop and buy a usb wifi card

    i got an n wireles card rated at 300mbs ages ago for £20

    there cheap and because usb is plug and play. any problems and you pull out of usb and plug back in
  13. Went and bought a usb wifi card and still getting the same low download and high upload speed
  14. My bf3 did the same thing. I tried 2 different wireless cards, a wireless usb (definitely worse) and even that Ethernet over power crap. Nothing fixed it. I ended up running a wire out my window downstairs to my living room and hooking it into my router. Now bf3 runs fine without any lag at all. Its just trying to run the game over wifi, it honestly just doesnt work your going to have lag. I tried ever option under the sun because i didnt want to run a wire and still had lag. I was getting 15mbs download and 3 mps upload on my wifi, and after switching to Ethernet i get 30+mbps download and 5mbps upload.
  15. odd i have two paths, wifi and network including a switch with a link to the downstairs via ethernet of power, which works fine. Makes me want to get a big cable and give it a try now.
  16. The ethernet over power worked better than my wifi but not enough to justify the price of it. It may have cut down like 1/4 of the lag i was having, but you could get a $20 wifi card the almost does as good and a 80 EOP switch. I also heard it depends on how old your house is. My house is like 40 years old, im sure if you have a newer house with better wiring it would work better. i ended up going on amazon and buying a 100 foot cable for $9.
  17. cable is always better
  18. have to agree with 13th here wired is just always better than wifi regardless if you have the latest best service provider and modem. Cables don't get interferance from other sources like wifi. wifi can be affected by how many walls the signal has to go through, whether your phone is wireless and how close it is to the router, and other wifi devices.
  19. I am in the same boat as the OP. Once in-game my ping is non-existent but before joining a server (any server, YES I have tried more than 1,5,15,50 servers) the ping will show a nice low number like 40 or 60. My internet is excellent in general and in other games, so this is baffling. I should note that during the beta and first 2 months or so, I played A LOT, with very few problems, no lag or crashes I've heard others were having. Dunno what to do, OP. Are you Canadian? I heard mention in game of Canadian ISPs throttling gaming servers. Sounds like bull not even worth mentioning, but if you are there'd be a connection at least.

    Also, first post. I Freaking love this site and finally joined up.
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