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Does anyone know of software that will monitor your system's temperature (like newer bios's do) so you don't have to restart your computer to look at the temperature?
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  1. Hi there,
    you can use either Motherboard Probe from http://web.bham.ac.uk/jst829/mbprobe/

    Or Motherboard Monitor from

    I'd sooner use the first, as it uses less resources. Motherboard monitor allows you to take averages over a length of time.

    Hope thats useful to you.
  2. Hey thanks! I found some shareware on download.com, but it's going to expire and it doesn't look real good. It said that my cpu temp was at 150F, not sure if that is good or bad, seems a little high though. It was also giving me temps for CPU1 and CPU2? Not quite sure what that meant...
  3. Hi there, me again.

    150F is around 60C-65C (if my maths is correct), which seems a lot. What kind of CPU are you using? My original Athlon runs at around 50C, and that is quite high.

    What program are you using from download.com? I meant to say in my previous post that both of the programs are freeware, so it won't expire.

    As for CPU1 and CPU2. I think these are just labels the program assigns. You should be able to change it to read case or motherboard (or whatever takes your fancy).

    I hope that is of help.


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  4. The durons and t-birds i am told have a ceiling of 90C before they fry. Lapping the heatsink and thermal paste will bring the temps down some. Rain or cpuidle will also help about 2 degrees C. You may want to get a better hsf combo like the hedgehog or apha or globalwin. Hope this helps you some.

    Please don't hate me cause i'm beautiful!!!
  5. KnightWalker1,

    I agree with you on the upper limit of 90C. I said 65C was high, because many BIOS set this as the warning limit.

    I'm going to use some Unick thermal paste for now, and get a better heatsink at a later stage.

    I user Windows 2000 on my machine, so Rain won't be effecive.

    Thanks for the suggestions. I have taken them on board,


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