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Codmw3 sli issue

Why do i have to re-boot my computer in order to get codmw3 to connect? Since i started using SLI, this has been an issue. I am able to get it to connect once, and it works great as long as I want to play. But, when i shut it down (quit the game) I am then unable to get it to connect again, until i have re-booted my computer.

Obviously, it's an SLI related issue.

Aside from that, I have had no luck trying to fix this. Seems like it must have something to do with the way the game shuts istelf down?

Anybody else having this problem? Anyone out there know how to fix this?

I'm using Win 7
8gb, Mushkin pc17000 ddr3
Corsair Force series 480gb SATA3 SSD
2) PNY GTX-260 PCIE in SLI
Thermaltake 850 watt psu. I know, it's a bit low on watts.....But have had no issues with that..........
Gigabyte X79 - UD3 Mbod

Latest bios, and drivers on everything.......

In SLI mode, it works very well. Both Graphics cards share the load, etc, etc. No issues with any of that.

It kicks serious butt....I am totally pleased witht he computer. And, i am sure the equipment is not the issue. This must be an issue with the software for the game.......

Thanks to any and all replies.
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  1. have you checked that there's no lingering processes after game shut down?
  2. May i ask? How do you check that? Task mgr??
  3. AntiZig said:
    have you checked that there's no lingering processes after game shut down?

    How do you check that? task mgr??
  4. I cannot find any lingering processes in the task mgr that are related to the game. And, i think I can safely say that it's not a Ste am related issue. I can exit Steam, then re-start Steam, and it makes no difference. There is a file from punkbuster, "PnkBstrA.exe" Maybe??
  5. that should be anticheat protection, so presumably once you've shutdown the game the anti-cheat shouldn't be running and should restart again when you launch the game. It's possible that due to the fact that pankbuster remains running after you close the game that it's unable to reinitialize when you launch the game again.
  6. I have tried turning off punkbuster, and steam. I have checked for lingering processes. So far, no luck. Same problem exists. All i know for sure is that it is sli related. If i were running only one video card, this issue would go away.
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    hmm, well other than making sure you got latest nvidia and motherboard/NIC drivers there isn't much I can come up with. SLI has nothing to do with network connectivity (afaik) so it not allowing you to connect doesn't make sense to me. Sorry I couldn't be of more help
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  9. Thanks anyway! I appreciated your help!
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