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ATI Radeon HD 4850
The main technical variations between the Radeon HD 4850 and 4870 are that the 4850 has slower clock speeds and GDDR3 memory instead of GDDR5. These 512 MB cards are terribly sturdy contenders within the sub-$200 value vary. The HD 4000 series is viable various to GeForce 9800 cards for Radeon fans.
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  1. Nvidia GeForce 9800 GTX
    Similar in some ways to the GeForce 8800 GTS, the 9800 GTX may be a step down from the GTX two hundred series from Nvidia. The 9800 GTX generally comes with 512 MB of memory, and it is a nice single GPU resolution for around $200. though it's not a dramatic leap before GeForce 8800 cards, the value is tough to beat, and there's currently a 9800 GTX+ that's clocked slightly faster on the market. Note that these cards is nearly twenty seven cm long, therefore it can be troublesome, if not possible, to squeeze them into some laptop cases.
  2. umm, what is the point for this topic? advertising 6 yo hardware?
  3. AntiZig said:
    umm, what is the point for this topic? advertising 6 yo hardware?

    I believe the proper term is post-count "padding" ;)
  4. Stringjam said:
    I believe the proper term is post-count "padding" ;)

    If they really wanted "padding" they should have just gone through the new build section and posted "+1 ^ I recommend that too" on every thread. But yeah I have no idea why they posted this either.
  5. Stringjam said:
    I believe the proper term is post-count "padding" ;)

    The purpose is not advertising. Just want share the information which I know. Hope that all information provided is use-full to all.
  6. Advanced Dark
    The Attribute of any "Crystal Beast" monsters on the sphere or Graveyard is treated as DARK. When calculating Battle Damage caused by a "Crystal Beast" monster, you'll send one "Crystal Beast" monster from your Deck to the Graveyard, to cut back any Battle injury you're taking to zero. If a "Rainbow Dragon" monster attacks, the impact of the monster it attacks is negated throughout the Battle part. When this card is far away from the sphere, all face-up “Crystal Beast" monsters on the sphere are destroyed.
  7. Aeris
    An earth fairy that features a rare quality regarding its vogue. It prefers to fight with weapons instead of spells.
    Beckon to Darkness
    A spell that causes the banishment of a monster to darkness. If attacked, it destroys a monster on the foe's field.
  8. Chain shut
    Activate solely when a card is destroyed by battle or by a card impact, and sent from the sphere to the Graveyard. Your opponent cannot activate any Spell/Trap Cards, till the tip part. Spell/Trap Cards and impact Monster's effects can't be activated in response to the present card's activation.
  9. Clear Cube
    This face-up card isn't treated as a DARK monster. When this card is faraway from the sphere, except when it's Tributed, you canSpecial Summon one "Clear Cube" from your Deck or hand.
  10. Clear Vicious Knight
    This face-up card isn't treated as a DARK monster. If your opponent controls a monster, you'll traditional Summon this card with one Tribute. Once per flip, if you management no alternative monsters, you'll have this card gain ATK equal to the very best original ATK of a face-up monster your opponent controls, till the tip part.
  11. Clear Wall
    If "Clear World" isn't face-up on the sphere, destroy this card. Attack Position "Clear" monsters you management can't be destroyed by battle. All Battle injury but one thousand you'd take from a battle involving a "Clear" monster you management becomes zero. If you'd take one thousand or a lot of injury from a battle involving a "Clear" monster you management, you'll destroy this card instead.
  12. D – Mind
    Activate providing you management no "Destiny HERO" monsters. Special Summon one Level three or lower "Destiny HERO" monster from your Deck.
  13. Video game cards - Nvidia GeForce GTX 570
    In late 2010 Nvidia introduced their GeForce 500 series, start with the GTX 580 and GTX 570. The previous has taken over the top spot in the single-GPU speed competition, but it comes at a cost that makes two smaller cards in an SLI or Crossfire pattern a more practical choice. The GTX 570 is a dialed downward version of the 580, but it willingly outperforms the previous generation GTX 480. 1.25 GB of GDDR5 memory is standard on the 570 and it has two 6-pin power connectors. It's priced competitively and it's a huge card for high-end gaming.
  14. AMD Radeon HD 6970
    Radeon's current flagship GPU is that the HD 6970 that arrived shortly once their very successful 6800 series. These cards fall slightly behind the GTX 570 on most benchmarks, though the 6970's 2 GB of memory can provides it an edge at very high resolutions like 2560x1600. HD 6970 cards tend be very big at regarding eleven inches long, which they require every 8-pin and 6-pin auxiliary power. they're among identical value vary as a result of the GTX 570 which they supply a similar worth in terms of game performance. If you utilize over two displays, the final public notices AMD’s Eyefinity easier than the alternatives.
  15. Nvidia GeForce GTX 480
    Although the GTX 480 has been supplanted by the GTX 580, it still has spectacular specs for gaming, such as 1.5 GB of GDDR5 memory tied to a 384-bit bus. As you'd expect, it's very large and it's every an 8-pin and a 6-pin power connector, so a good power offer is required. sadly, it comes at a premium worth that few folks would believe spending on a video card, making the GTX 570 a stronger worth, but you may come across one on sale as a result of the 5 hundred series cards take over.
  16. AMD Radeon HD 5970
    Radeon's dual-GPU monster is that the HD 5970, that arrived in late 2009 and took its place as a result of the fastest discrete video card on the market. Primarily, it is the equivalent of running two HD 5870s in CrossFire, though the chips and memory don't seem to be clocked quite as fast, primarily to remain power consumption in check. As a result of it's that the cardboard can hug to 300W, and has every a 6-pin and an 8-pin auxiliary connector. The HD 5970 uses one PCB, and conjointly the result is a awfully long card that will solely match into the roomiest cases. there's ample processing here even for the foremost necessary monitors; but it's well beyond the everyday budget.
  17. Nvidia GeForce GTX 470
    Nvidia's initial DirectX eleven cards arrived in 2010 and they've managed to bring GeForce cards back to the competition. The GTX 470 is also a step down from the very fast and very expensive GeForce GTX 480, that's strictly for people with deep pockets. The GTX 470 benchmarks quite close to the Radeon HD 5850 and even the 5870 in some games. It consumes plenty of power than the Radeon HD 5000 cards, notably when idle, but it's a pleasant card for high-end gaming, and selling for many however the GTX 480, it's a way more palatable risk.
  18. ATI Radeon HD 5770
    Although clocked at identical speeds as a HD 5870, the 5770 has zero.5 as many stream processor and texture units. The memory bus is additionally 128-bit, as vital the 256-bit bus inside the 5870. Subsequently, the cardboard tends to be little slower than the older HD 4870 in some games, and additionally the two worth concerning identical amount of money. Nevertheless, the 5770 has the advantage of DirectX eleven supports, additionally united or 2 of ATI's totally different seldom used newer choices, like Eyefinity. The 5770 is also a wise mid-range card; but spending little plenty of on an HD 6850 will offer you with a considerable performance boost.
  19. Nvidia GeForce GTS 450
    It took a brief time for Nvidia to induce four hundred series cards on the market that hit the worth vary most customers have an interest in, but the GTS 450 is solely such a card. The 450 has only 1 Graphics Processing Cluster where the GTX 460 has a pair of, but the 450 is clocked faster to catch up on this alittle. It benchmarks quite close to Radeon HD 5770 and HD 5750 GPUs, and it's priced competitively, so it's undoubtedly worth a look if you would like an affordable upgrade to DirectX eleven.
  20. ATI Radeon HD 5750
    One notch down from HD 5770 sits the HD 5750, with the key distinction being fewer texture and shader units. They need less power than a 5770 but they still have one 6-pin power connector on them. With one GB of GDDR5 RAM they are quite capable gaming cards at average resolutions. The HD 5750 is maybe going due for some price cuts currently that the Radeon HD 6000 cards are accessible, so I’d expect this chipset to return back close to the $100 mark presently, if they are doing not unleash a wonderful cheaper 6000 card initial.
  21. ATI Radeon HD 5670
    ATI has been making every effort to dominate low-end cards additionally as high-end ones, and additionally the HD 5670 is also a wise example of this. It’s around zero.5 the processing power of a HD five770 and it’s imagined to supplant the 4670 in ATI's line-up. The 5670 comes with up to 1 GB of DDR5, and benchmarking quite close to a GeForce 9800 GT in most games, it performs respectably for a card inside the $100 price vary.
  22. ATI Radeon HD 5570 (half)
    Determined to produce an HD 5000 card for every section of the market, Radeon has conjointly released the half-size HD 5570. This card is not a gaming powerhouse; it delivers solely slightly higher performance than the older HD 4600s, but its adequate get by on a typical 19" monitor. it is a technique to relish some laptop games on an honest budget, and it will work into even the smallest entertainment system cases.
  23. Nvidia GeForce GTX 280
    Only several months when releasing the GeForce 9800, Nvidia entered a current era by launching the GTX 280 and 260. The 280 can be a real graphics powerhouse with some one.4 billion transistors, leading the approach in single GPU game performance at the moment. The 280 is relatively expensive to produce, so though the worth has dropped nearly thirty p.c since the cards initial arrived, they're still large dollars.
  24. Nvidia GeForce 9800 GX2
    The 9800 GX2 can be a twin GPU resolution, effectively supplying you with an SLI system in an exceedingly single convenient package. Throughout this case 2 PCBs are used, rather than making an attempt to induce every GPUs and one GB of memory onto one board. It’s a very large card that covers 2 slots, but at current prices it's cheaper and easier than buying a pair of 9800 GTXs to be employed in an SLI setup. It a little more cost effective than the GTX 280 and performs little higher in some cases, so it's worth a look.
  25. ATI Radeon HD 4870 X2
    Another one in all ATI's twin GPU cards, currently with a pair of HD 4870 graphics processors and a whopping 2 GB of memory onboard. It’s a shut race between the HD 4870 X2, the GeForce 9800 GX2, and so the GeForce GTX 280 for the best spot in performance, with each showing strengths in positive games. This card completely puts out some spectacular framerates. Of course, like totally different twin GPU cards, they need a bent to consume several power, manufacture several heat, and worth somewhat fortune, notably that last 0.5 for the HD 4870 X2.
  26. Alburstadiya said:
    The purpose is not advertising. Just want share the information which I know. Hope that all information provided is use-full to all.

    this is not useful to all in any way, if you want to help (which would be appreciated), please post answers in response to questions, and please answer the question not just regurgitate knowledge. No-one will see this information here the way it is presented, we don't need a dump of everything that you know.
  27. Poorly translated plagiarism of old video card marketing hype, combined with descriptions of some sort of game cards?

    Impressively useless.
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