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Controller Buying Suggestion

I am thinking of buying a new gamepad\controller for my pc
can anybody tell me which is the best one available at this moment?
i would be playing fifa 12,nfs the run,fps,cod,battlefield games etc

also i am having a ps2 controller,so should i buy a new controller for my pc,or should i buy a ps2 to pc connector?
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  1. I recommend going with a standard wired xbox controller. It's pretty much plug and play for any pc game that allows a controller and is priced right.

    If you go wireless you have to buy an additional wireless receiver for the PC which just ads to the cost and you have to deal with batteries etc.
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    if you already have a controller for PS2 (and you're comfortable with using it) and you aren't looking for any extra features, getting a simple adapter for PS2 to USB will run you about $20 (maybe cheaper today). With that you will however have to configure the buttons and joysticks.

    xbox wired controller with go for ~$40-50, but as said above, many games support the controller and automatically recognize it or have prebuilt configuration for it when you switch input to controller from keyboard (especially in games that are console ports to pc)

    if you're looking for some extra features (programmable buttons, turbo, etc) you need to explain that as you'd be looking at 3rd party controllers for that.
  3. i use the xbox 360 wireless controller. i got it off amazon for $45, works great, ive only run into two games that didnt automatically detect it. MW3 and payday. You can download xpadder though and it will fix it.
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