hello how are you dear?

i am playing call of duty modern war fare 3

i reached there that american's arrested volks in parris

on next stage where general talks with sandman and says that i want this man volk alive

after that game error is
" Create2DTexture(mi17_woodland_nml,2048,1024,0,894720068) failed 800700e=Ran out of memory"

please guide me and help me

with best regards

asad mehmood
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  1. Is that the bit where you run down the street with the tanks driving along there too? If it is you need to go along inside the buildings not outside to stop the error.

    Sorry if that isnt the bit been a while since i played single player and that bit is the part i remember as having the pain in the ass crash unless you do it way i said.
  2. wr6133 is right, just move along inside the building. Though the game has been patch, I don't know if that error is still there. Haven't played again the campaign in a while.
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