AMD K6-2 333

I have a AMD K6/2 - 333 on a Tekram P5T30-B4 Motherboard.
The jumpers on the motherboard will go up to ~412 mhz.
Currently the voltage is set at 2.1/3.3.
The next one up is 2.9/3.3.
The question is, if I go up to the next voltage, will that]fry the CPU regardless of the cooling system I use?
I do have a cooling system I am building that uses
3/8 stainless steel tubing going through an aluminum
block that will sit on the CPU. The tubing also goes
through a cooling block that has a highspeed fan on it that
blows though the fins. Something I made at work from
mostly scrap material. The cooling block can bring water
temp down to ~4.0c.

Thank for any replies
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  1. there are no other voltage options?
    I wouldn't try it friend.
    .8 volts is a helluva jump... may bring the end of your processor...
  2. Yeah...2.8 is the next step up. And that is from 2.2, not 2.1.
    But still a hefty jump.
    2.2 is the CPU voltage though.
    Do you think that I would be able to still overclock it
    without a voltage increase?
  3. If you have a good cooler I don't see the problem here. I use 2.77V (2.8V setting) on my overclocked K6-2 550.
    Have the case open and be sure to have a monitoring program when/if you try, and be ready to switch off the system really fast if you experience any abnormalities. You do this of course at your own risk. :)

    Boy am I full of it - in every respect.
  4. I've had till yesterday a K6-2 450@500 (DFI mobo). Could pump it up to 550 with SoftFSB, but woulnd't run for more than half an hour without blue screens. I tried up to 3.1V to see if I could get it to boot at 550, but the sucker just would'nt get to windows!!!.
    To get to 500 or even 523 (5.5x95 performance even or below than 5x100) I had to raise Vcore to 2.4 or 2.5 from the 2.2 of the specs, but taking it up to 3.1V as I said didn´t help at all, neither did any voltage in between since I did have the chance to go through them.
    Heat? Maybe, bunch of fans blowing inside of a totally open case.
    I've read of burned K6-2 from 3.2 Volts if that helps, but of course that all depends on your cooling. Just try it for the fun of it!!

    Saludos a todos
  5. Uhm..."Till yesterday" ? Did you upgrade or fry it?

    The cooling system I will use is a water cooling system.
    Still not completed yet though (I've been kinda busy).
    But it can cool a 200c gas down to 4c. But that is with
    Peltiers. Without, probably could get that 200c gas down to
    30c or so (I do that kind of stuff for a living so I do
    have some experience with it).

    The system I am considering doing this on is my secondary
    system that I use basically for testing, so if it does
    fry, its not big deal. I still have a few older MB's around
    and a P233. And I could get another 333 and MB for
    pretty much nothing (I am webmaster for a local computer
    hardware dealer :)).

  6. No, I burned a CeleronII 566. I bought another one and it runs 566@877 at 1.7 V. That's my upgrade. The K6-2 worked fine and I sold it with mobo and RAM.

    Saludos a todos
  7. I ask why? Why bother? the increase in performance will be minimal, the risk high, simply put it is just not worth it. Do some research on your MOBO sometimes there are settings that are not listed. How many jumpers do you have for voltage settings? if three then you are probably screwed, if four then you can probably obtain the 2.4-2.5 volts you really want. this is just my two cents worth but I suggest throwing the 333 away and picking up an amd k6-3 cpu ( 350-400) This will beat any amd k6-2 cpu's even at 550 mhz. Try looking on ebay they can be had for around 50-60 bucks. As for the water cooler, I hope it don't leak :)
  8. Why bother? The minimal performance gain is not worth all the trouble. How many jumpers for voltae settings do you have 3 or 4? If you have 4 than you can obtain the 2.4-2.5 volts you want, if you have three then you are screwed. Sometimes you have more voltafge options than the MOBO manual will tell you. I suggest throwing away the 333 and getting a amd k6-3 350-400 CPU this will beat even a 550 k6-2 in 9 out of ten benchmarks and you can get them on ebay for 50-60 bucks.
  9. Well, the risks aren't terrible. If you can get a thermometer on your cpu, be sure to monitor the heat carefully. I have a K6-II 400, usually running at 2,2V but I boosted it up all the way to 3.2V without any problem (other than temperature issue of course).

    Here's what can happen:
    1- The comp won't start at all.
    2- The CPU will start working, the temperature will go up, if it reaches 65-70C then the CPU will crash, and it will stop working. So the temperature will come down again.

    I don't believe there is real danger.
    I tried it at home and I have only a powerful fan cooling my system, not a water cooled system.

    Also, I hard you talking about a peltier to coll down the water. I was wondering where would you install the peltier on the cooling system. To the water reservoir, or the radiator? And also, did you put a heatsink or something on the peltier to cool it down?
  10. To my knowledge amd cpu's unlike there intel counterparts do not have thermal protection so the risk of burning them out is much higher.
  11. I don't have a peltier hooked up to the cooling system.
    But that is an option.
    The way I plan on setting up the cooling system (its not
    fully completed yet), will be like so:
    Aluminum block on CPU.
    Aluminum block has 3.8 inch stainless steel tubbing running through it (3 loops).
    The tubing goes to a large heatsink (about 8x8x12 inchs) with an 8 inch highspeed fan.
    With a peltier installed, the cool side of it, would be
    on a block with the water passing through it to cool the water off. The other side of the peltier would be on that
    large heatsink.
    If you use a peltier, you NEED something on the other side
    to keep it cool. I deal with them everyday at work (we go through about 200 every week).
    Monitoring the system will be done for at least the first
    few weeks.
    I have holes drilled for 3 thermocouples (thermometers basically), one on the aluminum block on the CPU, and one for the water temp going out of the cooling block, and going into the cooling block.

    In general, I am somewhat an expert on cooling systems since I deal with that on a daily basis.

    There was some mention about other undocumented voltage settings for my motherboard. I noticed that in the MB manual, there are a few possibilties that are not shown.
    The Motherboard is a Tekram P5T30-B4 if anyone has any info.

  12. you got all the voltage settings you need dude if you have a rev 1.4 board if not then you are stuck at 2.8

    set your voltage to 2.4 your jumpers two 2x and your bus two
  13. Uhm...I have been there...saw 2.1, 2.2, 2.8, 2.9 and 3.2, but no 2.4
    My board is rev 1.12 :(

    Oh well...
  14. That's very interesting!
    Would you appear to know a good store/internet store when they sell peltiers for a reasonable price?
  15. Nope sorry. I get mine at work :)
    Tom's probably has a few links to some I would think.

    I don't know where we get ours from, but I will check
    when I get back to work next tuesday.<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by CodeMonk on 11/23/00 03:46 PM.</EM></FONT></P>
  16. Try for a peltier. There are others like i think that is it.

    Please don't hate me cause i'm beautiful!!!
  17. Don't bet on no damage! At 3.2 volts you are 45% over spec!
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