How to connect in diablo ii

I don't know how to connect just install and I clicked on and I receive "Unable to connect to". I don't know what to do.

Ps: I never played online in diablo II
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  1. Connection guide

    Hey everyone! This is my guide for all connection problems. I can probably say that we all agree that there are a lot of threads out there asking for help because of some connection error. So I’ve decided to create a short list of errors and solutions to help people out there and some a lot of time. Anyway, this guide is intended for newcomers and people who are just starting out for online play.

    Okay, so here we go:

    1. Realm Down or Unable to Connect to

    This is one of the most common errors that occur online. At the beginning of ladder season 2, there was a huge influx of botters that really slowed down blizzard’s servers and joining and creating games online took forever. So Blizzard created these measures to try to free up their servers and to discourage botting and other 3rd party programs.

    You mainly get a realm down or “Unable to Connect to” message when you either switch characters too many times or you join too many games in a certain amount of time. Therefore, Blizzard thinks you are botting and temporarily bans you. Now don’t worry; nothing will happen to your account.

    There really is no solution to this error. You just have to wait it out. Most realm downs last for about 5-10 minutes. Sometimes, it may even last for 1-2 hours. In the most severe case, they last for 24-48 hours. And this is a fact: the most times you try to logon while you are temporarily banned, the longer your temporary ban will be. But this does not mean like if you try to log on 3-4 times during a realm down and you’re ban will go up to 1-2 hours. Blizzard only reinforced this rule because botting programs will continue to try to logon if they can’t access

    Another less common way of getting these errors is spamming in the chat channels. Of course most people do not do this but if you have downloaded a third party program, a spam bot may have been included in it. So the bot may be spamming in the channel different ads with your account name next to it. So this is another reason (out of the hundreds) NOT to download illegal programs.

    2. The connecting to is stuck at “connecting to the fastest server…”

    This is another error that some people get. It’s usually due to a firewall or router issue. Depending on the firewall or router, there are different solutions. On Windows XP Service Pack 2’s firewall, make sure you set Diablo 2 as one of your exceptions:

    Go to Control panel and open of Windows Firewall. Click on the middle tab called “Exceptions” and choose Add Program. Select Diablo 2 as the program you want to add.

    There are many different routers out there. I would suggest looking in your router manual about playing online games. If all else fails, try directly connecting your computer to your cable/dsl line and turning off your firewall all together and connect.

    3. The connecting to is stuck at “Checking versions”

    This part of the connection is known to take a while sometimes. For new players, if you feel that it’s seriously stuck there, that often means that you need to download a newer patch and there’s some sort of connection error preventing you from downloading it directly when connecting to

    The solution for this is to just download it manually off Blizzard’s website:

    After you download it, all you have to do is double click the file.

    If you already have the latest patch and still get the error, try restarting your game or computer to see if it solves the problem.

    4. You are unable to connect to because “x” is using your cd key.

    First, you have to understand that only one cd key can be used online at once. So NEVER share your cd key with friends and NEVER tell anyone online you don’t know what it is.

    Second, checks BOTH, your Diablo 2 cd key and Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction cd key. When you get this error message, it should tell you which cd key is being used.

    The most common reason for this problem is when you get disconnected from due to a connection interruption. does not recognize that you are disconnected immediately. All you should is wait for about 5 minutes and you should be able to logon again. Note: this is only for when the error tells that you are using the cd key yourself.

    If you are not the one using your cd key, it seems that someone somehow obtained yours. Many 3rd party programs are able to steal your cd keys. And on very very rare occasions, someone may have generated your cd key using a cd key generator. In these cases there is nothing much you can do but buy another game. This is when knowing which cd key is being used is helpful because you have to know whether to buy D2 classic or D2: LoD. Alternatively, you could mail your cd case with the cd back to Blizzard, and they will give you a new cd key. However, this takes about 1-2 weeks.

    Ok that’s about it. I may have missed a few cases, so if you want, you can help out and post them here. And if you’re still having trouble, we can help you here or you can have a look at Blizzard’s technical support site here:

    Anyway I've hope my guide was helpful and have fun on!

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    if this does not help you try opening the correct ports for battlenet and diablo 2 ,

    they also can be found online @
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