Is rob elam still alive?

does anyone know if rob elam the creator of one must fall 2097 (best fighting game for pc ever :D) is still alive? because no matter how hard i google i can find no word of his status :(
(wondering if he is going to release the mod tools for one must fall battle grounds - there is a folder called mods in the install directory but no mod tools - no download links this one is not freeware or shareware)
i know kenny chou the genious who made the music is still alive as he recently posted this -

you can download OMF 2097 here you will need dos box (yes it is legal to do so rob elam made it freeware many years back) -
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  1. why not look for him on facebook or twitter?

    last mention of him on imdb is 2003
  2. I just saw a later comment from him, nothing special.

    On the OMF:BG message board someone called out for Rob Elam asking what he was doing.
    He said:

    "Hehe, well, the best I can do right now is say that I'm working on a game (although I do enough experimenting on game concepts lately that 'a game' doesn't really cover it)."
    Sun Oct 21, 2007 6:45 pm

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