What are good computer games for laptops

I want a(n) M game
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  1. Hi :)

    Which laptop..specs ?

    And which type of game ?

    All the best Brett :)
  2. you will probably get more help in a different section. this is console games
  3. old games, depending on the laptop maybe very old games.

    need specs of the laptop to know what it can run and like brett said what kind of games do you like? shooters? statagy? ......?
  4. Guilty Gear X2 , Devil may cry 3 , Halflife Deathmatch, Counterstrike , Unreal tournament
  5. and Raiden III
  6. It depends on the age of the laptop, and its specs. If you have a new laptop with a dedicated GPU, you have wider options. If it's older and / or has an integrated GPU then you don't have as much choice.

    So, if your system is newer you may well be able to play games like Skyrim on lower settings. If it's not, then going for titles that are 3+ years old is probably a good place to start. The advantage there is that they'll be a lot cheaper and are still a lot of fun.
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