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Hi guys I have a core 2 duo 3ghz,1gb zotac geforce 9500 gt,2gb ram,160 gb hdd.My question is that how to change the name of the bots and thier commands which are for example:- affermitive,negetive,etc to change thier names to what I want 2 keep
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    not sure how your hardware comes into play for this question...

    bot name conventions can be set up in server settings file

    I'm not sure what you mean by change commands for affirmative, negative. You want to change the sound files? that requires server files customization

    There's multiple guides on how to customize a css server in multiple CSS community websites and even on official forums. Try using google, because there's simply no point regurgitating the treasure trove of information that is available out there
  2. can u give me a detailed info about it because on google all have forums 2 complete
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