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Plzzz help.

nba live 08 after a while of play it exit plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help. please
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  1. You have given us no details on your system, no info on the error, no information about what happens when it exits, really no information at all.

    I assume you mean please help? as plzzzz is not a word. If you want help a generic annoying forum title that gives no clue what your issue is, and a question that gives no clue what your issue is are just going to annoy people and get you no answers.
  2. SORRY.i was in hurry for some system intel [R] CORE Dou cpu e4600 @ 2.40GHz 2.40GHz 3GB ram vc ati radeon mobility 1 gb when i play the game after a while of play its automatacly exits.reselotion 1280x1024 now plaease help
  3. NP lol i am a ittle cranky. But is there an error message? thats what we really need. I am guessing you are on a laptop(since your GPU is a mobility) and have a heat issue. Blowing out the vents with compressed air may help. other than that i am just guessing you might have a memory error or be over heating. Does this happen in any other game or program? memetest86+ is a great way to test memory and prime 95 is great to check cpu stability and temps. GPUz will show you your GPU temp. (also you still spelled please wrong lol sorry i couldn't help myself)
  4. not in a laptop i do not have this proplem in anything else just in nba live 08 i also have this problem with an another pc and the error that windows collecting more information about this problem.
  5. What I see here is you are playing NBA 08 live game on a PC. After playing for a while it crashs to desktop, and it only does it in this game only am I right? Now what kind of graphic card to you have?

    Don't say mobility. What I want to see is radeon HD 6570 or what number you have. This way I will know what you are using unless you are using the integrated graphics that came with your PC.

    This is what I would do. First open up your case and clean out all the dust build up using compressed air. After doing that try playing. If the problem is still there. Then we go to the next step.

    We will need to see what your temps are on the graphic (GPU) You will have to down load MSI Afterburner, that way we can see how hot your GPU gets. So lets start there. Here is the link to MSI afterburner.

    Also on that page look for the manual on how to use it. It really isn't that hard to ues.
  6. graphic card is radeon hd 5400 i do ur first step and not work how open pdf file? because afterburner.
  7. and also the game exits in the very first half finished.
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    Ok here is the link to the user manual. Just click on it and it should bring up the PDF file then just save it to your desktop or a documents folder. Did you down load the MSI Afterburner?

    There is a question I forgot to ask and it is are all your drivers up to date for your graphic card (GPU)? If not you can got and update your drivers. Because they maybe needed.
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