How to overclock a Slot A Thunderbird

Somebody tell me how to overclock a thunderbird (slot A)
Same as the old Athlon, Goldfinger Device?
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  1. Raising only the Front Side Bus freq is possible with the K7 and offspring. But beyond 110 Mhz is quite difficult. If the mainboard you have lets you adjust the Multiplier in Bios or via jumpers, you're home free. If not, a GFD is a good idea. However, I don't know what GFD to recommend for Slot A T-Birds.
  2. SCSI Raidcontroller turns me down beyond 107fsb
    I need more info on GFD in use with my slot A thunderbird
    and how to crack this baby open safely...

    Btw how to recon if it's a true 700 or a trimmed 900 core?
  3. your best bet on OC the athlon, get a GFD. there is no really other way to OC it. You can do FSB, but that alone won't boost much. look into, they have a very complete database of reviews and article. you should be able to find something there. good luck.
  4. Will any GFD do?
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