How HOT should a Duron run??

I am curious to know how hot can my Duron600 cpu safely go up to. Right now, I have it at approximately 45'C. Any tips would be appreciated!
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  1. i think it's around 80C or sumthin....
    my 800 t-bird is at 37C idle ....lotsa cooling though
  2. It should run in the low 40's with average cooling. Thermal tape on the HSF will run hotter than t-grease. Most people seem to be able to keep the beastie under 50 when oc'd and under stress with a good HSF even at v1.85.

    Supposedly the limits are alot higher, but I haven't seen a duron/athlon system run "stable" at over 50c idle.
  3. When I first got my system (asus A7V, duron 650) it ran at 55C with the default cooler. I never had any stability problems. Now i have a chrome orb and it runs at 800 at 52C. Still never any stablility problems. I have heard of some people who run their processors at 65 and don't have any problems, but I wouldn't recomend it.
  4. Duron 600@950 on an A7V.
    Runs between 41C idle and 48C after hours of gaming.
    4 case fans (front air in, side air in, 2 back air out)
    2 fans on the power supply (one on the bottom right over the processor, nice!)
    1 video card fan
    1 cpu heatsink/fan (GlobalWin FOP32)
    Arctic Silver

    Guy at work, using fan that came in the AMD processor box and he runs a 750 TBird at about 66C idle, who knows what it gets to after doing heavy work. But he never has problems with stability.
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