6970 VS Mass effect 3

Just wondering if anyone could give me some insight on how well a single 6970 could run Mass Effect 3. Thanks
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  1. It's gonna suck. You'll need to quad crossfire HD 6990's to get more than 5FPS.

    Is that the kinda answer you are looking for?

    I wouldn't worry about any performance issues.
  2. ^ LOL.

    Anyway, OT: The 6970 will be able to run ME3 at 1080p, probably maxed out. Don't worry about it.
  3. Download the demo and see. I've been running it smoothly at 1080p with my sig rig...you'll not have a problem.
  4. Gtx470 @1152p, everything on, practically locked at 60 @ 60% utilisation. Its a console port, any modern mid level + GPU will do well.
  5. 6970 is more than enough for ME3. I have a 6870 and I get virtually solid 60FPS on max settings with 4x MSAA forced via Catalyst Control Center at 1080p resolution. The 6970 will absolutely destroy the game.
  6. Supernova1138 said:
    The 6970 will absolutely destroy the game.

    In that case I'm not buying a 6970. I don't want a broken game.
  7. anything over an 88gt will max out the game... the game is dx9 based on xbox gfx card. so any decent dx10 gfx card can handle it and most dx11 gfx cards will murder it...
    my 5870 for instance maxes out the game with full aa and still gets a rock solid 60fps... i know this for certain as i have spent the last 2 days playing it (used the proxy to activate the game b4 release)... :) but its out today anyways... btw have fun the game is epic... it really is a fitting end to this trilogy.
  8. *COUGH*
    i play ME3 @ 1080p .. on a gtx280 i bought off ebay.
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