Duron 600 Overclocking???

Alright, I want to overclock my Duron 600 to 800 or 900 MHz.
I have an Asus A7V rev 1.02 with bios 1004. I also have a GlobalWin FOP-32.
Could someone please tell me what I need to do?
What should I change? If I make it 8.0 X 100 FSB what should my voltage be? I know it needs to be increased but to what? Should I increase the FSB? And if so, to what?
If someone out there has an A7V and a Duron 600 successfully overclocked, could you please post your multiplier, FSB, and voltage settings?

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  1. I've got a Duron 600 with the A7V and I have it running at 850 all I did was give it a multiplier of 8.5 I tried playing with the FSB but with only pc100 ram it would not run stable and locked up continously, the voltage is at 1.85 and thats pretty much it. I have an Alpha Heatsink on it and it runs about 43 degrees celcius.
  2. (All Assuming your L1 bridges are unlocked)
    To find the lowest stable voltage for overclocking try the following.

    Set v1.65 and start the system (@6x)
    Now try 7x (should be fine). Go up in .5x increments until windows doesn't start. Now up your voltage in .05v increments until windows seems stable. Go back to raising the multiplier untill it is unstable again and then to voltage settings. repeat until you find your duron's max.

    Avoid FSB over clocking until you figure out how high it'll go at 100.

    I recommend you pickup MBM5 (or at least use asus probe) to monitor your voltage and heat. Also madonion's 3dmark2000 is really sensitive to oc instability (more so imo than Q3A)
    so I use it as a test for same.

    My duron600@1010 is running at v1.75 and 40-47c w/ a noisy Alpha HSF.
  3. i totally agree. IMP 3dmark is the best way to find if a system is truely stable- that sucker always finds ways to lock.

    P3 @ 1.040GHz
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