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PC gaming not dying..

Keep on seeing PC gaming and PC is dying articles, so, I ran across this and thought i'd post it. :D

Dead or alive? PC gaming generates a record $18.6 billion in 2011
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  1. Oh, this topic again... :)

    Anyway, discussion I guess? I played games on PC for year on end, believing PC is the shiz-niz. I used to be correct, in a certain way, but not anymore. PC games are more and more catering for the console market, so while PC gaming in itself may not be dead (and we must hope it never does, it's responsible for an insane amount of technological advances in all walks of our everyday lives), the console platform is more focused on at this time in terms of pure gaming. Look at release dates - usually PC games are released a short while after console variants. PC games are patched a lot more, as most of them are console ports and the success of said games depend on how well the port was completed.

    Look at an immensely popular game: Assassin's Creed. The game can be as popular as it wants on PC, but to this day I've not gotten the perfect PC experience from it yet. And I've played through AC II, Brotherhood and I'm busy with Revelations. I got AC I on PS3 to play it on there instead, to test above theory and to see if the experience is better, and I think it will be.

    More - Diablo III. The game isn't even released yet and the PC release date is being pushed back. Crysis 2 was a shameless console port, or it would have sported DX11 from the start.

    Now, I'm not saying that "consoles are holding PC back", because that's BS. Take a look at the screenshots from "The Last of Us". It's a PS3 exclusive with better graphics can most DX11 PC games released today, and it's capable of being played on a console that's been around since 2006. The problem with PC's are optimization, but that's a different discussion all around.

    So, in short, I'm agreeing. PC gaming definitely is not dead. I'm still looking at PC games when I visit my favourite store (online or walk-in), but the console section is pulling me ever-so-closer, due to better optimization and better pricing, all considered. I want consoles to make more exclusives (I mean, God of War is simply awesome, I still have to get into the Uncharted series), and people to stop blaming consoles for the monster PC's we need to play PC games. As soon as developers optimize better, PC gaming will explode even more, I'm telling you. Imagine if BF3 could've been played on a dual core 2GHz CPU, an 8800GT and 1GB of RAM, at FHD all maxed out?
  2. Toxxyc said:
    Now, I'm not saying that "consoles are holding PC back", because that's BS. Take a look at the screenshots from "The Last of Us". It's a PS3 exclusive with better graphics can most DX11 PC games released today, and it's capable of being played on a console that's been around since 2006. The problem with PC's are optimization, but that's a different discussion all around.

    I seen some gameplay video's, and I honestly don't know what your talking about. While the game has good artwork, and lots of colors, the graphics really don't look that good to me. By far no where near better then DX11 PC games. The actual official video looks better then the actual gameplay, which kind of looks like mafia II in design. No where near as good looking as Crysis 2 or BF3, in my opinion. Just if you look close, the details not there.

    On a side note, I just bought an xbox 360 so when my friends come over, they can have something to play on too, while i'm playing my PC. I have BF3 on both PC and XBOX 360, and while the graphics are decent on the console, they are nowhere near as good as on the pc. But if your not a pc gamer, and you looked at them on small monitors, on separate days, you might not notice the difference. But I'm a PC gamer, and side by side, 24" monitors both 1080p, the console ver. looks like crap (yes, I installed the game to the hardrive on the xbox 360, so it had the hd textures, and do have it connected through an hdmi). Lots of dithering, no AA, the draw distance has textures loading in, not as much detail, plus freezes a lot. They actually said BF3 on the console is basically low settings on the PC. But again, if you put them side by side, you notice, if you don't, and you only play on consoles, then you probably wouldn't right away. Honestly, I think BF3 and Crysis 2 both look better on the console then "The Last of Us" gameplay 1080p video's.

    That being said, the pc isn't just about graphics, it's smoother gameplay, bigger maps, ect. Overall, the experience on the pc is much better then the consoles, in my opinion. I see a lot of people doing direct comparisions on youtube, but honestly, youtube lowers the quality of the video's so much, you just can't compare them that way. You need to see them side by side.
  3. I don't know why people insist on writing articles about PC gaming going extinct. Just because major publishers choose to push developers to develop games for consoles first and then do a shitty port to PC in order to maximize profit margins doesn't mean PC gaming is dead. It's like saying since the invention of penicillin all viral infections have gone extinct, we all know full well that isn't the case.

    I think the far deeper problem is adaptation of video games in an average house hold we have seen in the last 20 years. Literally, when I was growing up, having a console or a PC at home was a luxury. It's good if every 1/5 kids had console or computer at home and were able to enjoy video games, the other 80% came over to enjoy the fun. The demographic today has significantly changed, majority of 90s generation has some access to video games be in form of console, pc or smart phone/tablet. I'm sure today there's 1/5 kids that doesn't have a console at home, and maybe 1/10 kids that doesn't have a computer at home.

    It's all relative to how much the gaming population has grown (or in other words how main-stream videogaming has become). I do believe that the console market has grown a lot more than the PC market, simply put, due to the fact that gaming on a PC still requires you to know what the hell PC gaming is about, at least the basics, otherwise it's not very pleasurable experience if you cannot figure out the simple problems you might run into. Console gaming on the other hand is much more accessible, you don't have to have any clue about how it works and generally there's little problems. Consoles are much more appealing to casual gamers (that is not to forget that there's a large amount of people that play flash based games simply because it works from their browser)

    However, there's another side of the coin the way I see it. Over the course of the last few decades we have acquired the new business venture for video game industry - publishers. I don't know how truthful my line of thinking is, so, this is just my opinion. In the 90s, companies that made good games (blizzard, westwood, akklaim, 3do, etc) were self sufficient, they needed funding but they found it in form of investors and other. Today we got these gargantuan conglomerates such as EA, Ubisoft and idsoftware. All these companies do is play boss for the developers, yes they pay the developer during the development cycle (so developer has less headaches over funding) but in return the publisher gets to push their schedule on the developer, the publisher gets the final say in everything, because they are the ones holding the coin purse. And as in any corporate environment you have number crunching economists that do nothing besides statistics, and they tell the publishers that it's more profitable to develop for consoles because the market base has increased substantially. In return we see good developers that have been known for making amazing games for PC turning towards console development first and PC porting second. It's sad really, but all it shows is that the industry is driven by the capitalist economy, has nothing to do with PC or console gamers or gaming. All it has to do is with cold hard cash.

    This is also why we see such an uproar recently over video game piracy on PC. The piracy on consoles exists just as much, the problem is it takes a savvy user, and as I stated above a PC gamer is typically much more knowledgeable than a console gamer regarding the technical (or IT) stuff. So for PC market, piracy is much more of a threat than it is for console gaming, it has nothing to do with whether there's less or more piracy on either platform.

    TLDR: PC gaming isn't dead, however independent PC game developers (like Valve) are slowly going extinct.
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    To take from the article you linked:
    Are money-hungry mega-publishers spoiling the essence of PC gaming?
    Hell, ****ing YES!
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  6. LOL, nicely put. :D
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