Ps3 vs Xbox 360

Should i sell my ps3 and get an xbox 360 ?
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  1. depends on the type of game you play and if you like online play or not.

    PS3 - better for single player RPGs, Free online play.

    Xbox- better for Online FPS, Much better online services.

    I play FPS online, and don't care much for campains or RPGs. I preffer xbox because of how friendly its online user interface is. If you have a gaming headset, PS3 will drive you nuts. Most people on PS3 have a shitty bluetooth device for chat, it picks up every little noise and will give you a headache very fast as your hearing your game and theirs.

    Overall I would choose Xbox but Its really up to you.
  2. Thanks
    But i usually play offline
    So should i get Xbox , is it better than ps3
  3. Depends on the games you want to play, both consoles have exclusive titles.

    Remember the PS3 doubles as a bluray player.

    Personally I'd avoid Xbox for the sole reason of Xbox live. I hate the fact they make you pay to use what's pretty much an essential service.
  4. So should i buy xbox arcade version or slim version
    I am getting xbox 360 arcade in exchange for my Ps3 and for the slim one i have to pay more
  5. a ps3 for xbox aracde? sounds like a bad deal. but dont get the arcade , the older xbox breaks alot more. the newer (slim) doesn't.
  6. For a slim i have to pay 8000 Rs more
  7. get the slim, the arcade has an 85% more of a chance to break down. And the slim has built in wifi.

    Also, xbox live is only about 5 bucks a month, more then worth it for how many levels it is above psn.
  8. talk about fan the flames of fanboys for both camps.

    FPS is not necessarily better online via the xbox than the PS3... it can vary boith ways in different games for both consoles.

    I would wait and see what happens with the much rumoured Xbox 720 or whatever that decide to call it later in the year
  9. I have both and to be honest I do prefer the Xbox 360. But if your not going to be playing online anyways just keep the 360 and buy the arcade someday. This is my opinion but I'll list off the cons and pros of each.

    Xbox pros
    -Better online community
    -More people have mics
    -Much more user friendly
    -Reasonably fast downloads
    -Free apps
    -Great controller design

    Xbox cons
    -Pay for live
    -Expensive items like avatars n such
    -poor customer support

    PS3 pros
    -Web Browser
    -PS Move
    -System not quite as loud as the 360 while running (it still is loud)

    PS3 Cons
    -PS Plus. They advertise it making it look like your missing the full experience
    -dreadfull download times
    -have to install games (so when you rent a game you gotta wait like an hour before you play)
    -poor controller design (so freaking small)
    -un-userfriendly interface
    -Friend system is horrid. To answer a recieved message you have to go through menus (Xbox all you do is click the middle button and it opens the message.)
    -No party chat

    But like I said if your not playing online or planning to pay for Live don't even bother. This list is just of the top of my head. I do however enjoy my PS3 but some of these things are really annoying.
  10. It really all depends if the system has an exclusive that you like (even with how rare they are). I have always been a playstation fan but then again I perfer RPGs over FPS just because I tend to not like the repitition of games like call of duty. Nothing wrong with those games, it's just after you beat the story I don't want to play the multiplayer.

    So really like other people have said if you like to play offline, perfer RPG type games, and play online every once in a while stick with the PS3. If not go xbox.
  11. Considering that you already have a ps3 I would stick with that, I do prefer Xbox though, also the Xbox 720 is being developed you might as well save up until that is released.
  12. It's kind of a mixed decision to be honest. 2 years ago I would have said get an Xbox but now I would say grab a ps3. Xbox ran out of exclusives. All they have is halo, forza and gears left. Ps3 has alot more AAA exclusives now adays and plus the online if free. Xbox live is nice but mostly its just because it look better. Not worth the yearly rate when the ps3 does the same thing online. I like the Xbox controller better but the online community sucks. There's to many people who have mics that shouldn't own one. At least with the ps3 most people who buy them are more mature and it weeds alot alot of the trash talking you get on the Xbox. So depending on what your looking for depends on which console to get. Xbox has better controllers, and live. Ps3 has a better variety of games, it's free and you get a blue ray player along with it. Plus I'm on my 6th Xbox 360 and my first ps3. So reliably wise alone the ps3 is a better buy.
  13. everything about xbox is pretty cheapy... the one plus i see to xbox is online services are slightly better. other then that:

    alot of errors such as the red ring of death adn the open tray error
    they sound like a leaf blower
    the units themselves are not cosmetically pleasing
    if you move them when a game is in, it will scratch and kill the game
    you have to pay for online
    not a blu-ray player
    better AV graphics then ps3, but not as good hdmi
    less exclusives
    annoying little kids with mics who try to quikscope and fail epicly, then scream endlessly in their ear-shattering pre-pubescent voice that you play cheap. (lol)
  14. DEFINATELY you should go for XBOX...!
    Xbox 360 is better for many reasons:

    -The dashboard looks a 1000 times better.
    -Better controller.
    -Same graphics except for PS3 exclusives which are not near as great as Gears of War or Halo.
    -Nicer design and way smaller.
    -Made by Microsoft.
    -better games
    -it is made buy the richest and most succsesfull buissness guy in the world
    -better hard drive
  15. Don't base your decision on hardware. Base your decision on what games you want to play. Look at a list of all PS3 games, then look at a list of all xbox360 games. Choose the console which has the most that you want to play.

    In the end, it's about the games, not the hardware.
  16. Xbox 360 is much better.
  17. its all about game, choose what u want to play and pick your console.
    i was huge fan of RPG, without any hesitation, i chose PS3.
  18. I have both systems. The PS3 has better exclusive titles imo. If I had to only chose one, I'd keep the PS3.

    In addition, too many annoying kids on xbox live. PS3 seems to have a more mature crowd - probably due to the higher price point over the xbox during the first couple of years after it launched.
  19. Just get which ever you want. If the games you play are not exclusives, go for an Xbox. But if you want more of a variety and exclusive games, get a PS3.

    I have Both Xbox and PS3. PS3 has more exclusive games and contents.
  20. also ps3 incorporates anti-alaising, resulting in much better graphics. basically, it reduces pixilation.
  21. Both systems have the potential to run games with anti-aliasing. That's not just for the ps3. Both systems handle the process differently, and to different results based on the game. But it's there for both.

    To answer your question, op, it depends on what games you want to play. If you are going with one console, it should usually be largely based on what first-party games you want to play. That said, they are two vastly different consoles.

    Xbox gives you a better online service, albeit one you have to pay for, and they seem to usually get better performance/visuals on third-party games.

    PS3 has bluray, allowing you to watch hi-def movies, which is nice. They also have a larger list of exclusives. Though, I always found that bluray was less than optimal for gaming, being that it tends to effect things like load-times, and makes installing many games a requirement, which can take up a lot of space.
  22. I recently bought a PS3 and have had a xbox

    Hardware wise, i like the PS3 better except the controller
    Software wise xbox wins easily

    Personally, between the 2 systems i would get an xbox for any game that u plan on playing socially...

    single player games its really a draw unless its an exclusive or a big game that would be multi discs on a xbox

    overall i like my xbox better, but then again, i enjoy games with other people like BL
  23. An Xbox arcade for a ps3 isn't a great deal at this point, an arcade will probably break easier and if you play a lot of games you could easily run out of space for content You purchase if u buy lots of dlc/play games with extra downloads that are huge like BF3s hd content and such.
  24. joedastudd said:
    Depends on the games you want to play, both consoles have exclusive titles.

    Remember the PS3 doubles as a bluray player.

    Personally I'd avoid Xbox for the sole reason of Xbox live. I hate the fact they make you pay to use what's pretty much an essential service.

    that is true but xbox live is better set up than playstations network
  25. ps3 is superior to xbox360
  26. remember god of war 3 ascention,beyond two souls 360 is *** compared to ps3.i prefer stick with ps3.what the hell r u changing between same generation consoles.ps3 games has better framrates than xbox360.the only thing i like is the kinect in xbox gen console is coming next ur money and get ps4 when it will release
  27. Blueray discs spin slower than DVDs as blueray is a new format and is currently slower than the HD DVD format, the xbox's disc drive spins discs at high speed when the game is read of the disc instead of the hard drive, when you move the xbox suddenly when it is spinning, the disk flys out of the grip of the motor and the thing that holds it down because it is at high speed, so for example you put a disk on a motor and make it go to full speed and make it fall of the motor, it will fly across your room because it is still spinning at high speed (over 4000 RPM).

    Plus your not going to rape the xbox when you are playing a game (at least i don't anyway).

    Don't know if that made sense.

    I have an arcade with a falcon, the falcons that were also put in the elites, it hasn't RROD once, xboxs made late 2008 (after august) will have the jasper chip set with a 65nm CPU , which means less heat and less power consumption, they are less likely to overheat.

    Arcades are striped down elites and premiums (without HDD, headset and stuff like that) , with a white case and a matte white disc drive bezel.

    Frame rates are all the same offline (locked at 30FPS) , PS3 or Xbox doesn't matter, when online, that depends on you internet speed and connection and graphical looks depend on what game you are playing.

    The thing about having to install games on a PS3 is true, not sure why, maybe because of noise, most games have to be installed on the hard drive, some don't.

    Controller design depends on what is more comfortable to you, not to everyone else.

    Games also depend on what you like.

    Microsoft require you to pay for 'xbox live gold', which 'unlocks' features within xbox live other than buying things, also xbox requires 'microsoft points' to buy anything on xbox live, you can buy them at shops that sell xboxs (most shops).

    About hard drives, on PS3, you can buy Laptop (2.5") hard drive (not sure about a capacity limit) and install it in the PS3 and it should work automatically.

    Xbox hard drives are formated exspecially for the xbox by microsoft, you cant get any hard drive and install it, it won't be recognised, the highed capacity hard drive i,ve seen for xbox 360s (old versions) are 320GB -

    If you want to sell your PS3 for an xbox is up to you, just remember you have to get new games for xbox and sell your old one and you have to get used to the design of the xbox controller, noise wise depends on your room's temp, where you put you xbox and which xbox you get and if you install xbox games to the hard drive (still requires the disc to be in the drive but it only starts the game).
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