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hey i have a geforce 2 and i bought it right as they came out. so just like all you other gts people were dissapointed 2 weeks later when nvidia decides there gonna make the ultra. From what i hear all the ultra is, is a GTS with 4ns memory letting it be clocked to 460mhz and undoing the bottleneck of the GTS. I have a leadtek GeForce 2 GTS, have any of you tried to overclock the GTS to 460mhz? does it run stable or does it get to hot? Im just sorta pissed at nvidia and want to make mine faster without paying 300$.
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  1. The ultra is a new GPU too. It runs at like 300MHz I think instead of the 200 of the GTS. I seriously doubt you could run GTS memory at 460. I am lucky to get 360 out mine now.

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  2. the ultra has the gpu clocked at 250mhz and the memory clocked at 230ddr (which is 460mhz). i also have a leadtek gts and the highest i got the memopry to go to is about 365-370 (with the case open and a floor fan blowing on the computer). there is no way it will go anywhere near 460. the gts core is at 200mhz and the highest i got that to was about 225-230 (also with the floor fan). the reason that the gts can't reach the clock speeds of the ultra is stability. of course heat is an issue but the clock speeds of the ultra are much higher than the gpu and memory of the gts is made to run at.
  3. Don't worry about the gpu so much it's the memory that holds you back (umm if you can say the GF2 holds you bsck). I did the same thing. Hell even pre-ordered the Galdiac. Can't complain except paid way too much

    I would just try OC the mem. And by the way I think it's Guilimant that has the Pro out wiht 4.-5 ns mem and same slow gpu oc GF2.

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  4. I've got the same thing, an NVIDIA GeForce2 GTS. Here's some advice:

    Don't bother trying to overclock the core. It just isn't going to work.

    Instead, overclock the memory. There's no way that it is going to reach 460, so don't even try ... you'll just fry the card. Push the memory clock speed up in increments of 5 MHz. Reboot the computer each time.

    Now ... check the card to see if it is stable. I recommend that you use a "hot" game, or a demo like Quake 3. Look for artifacting, such as strange rainbow-like colors, warped or missing pixels on characters, and especially, something that looks like snow. If you see snow ... shut down the game, and lower the memory speed.

    I also suggest that you download and install 3DMark 2000, from MadOnion.com. This program will intensively stress your system ... specifically, the video card. If you've got a problem, this program will lock up quickly, and if you have managed to overclock the card (and still have a stable system) you'll be able to see the results of your overclocking.

    Be sure that you have the latest drivers, and that your AGP aperture size in the BIOS is correct. If your system can take it, enable fast-writes for the memory. You'll gain an extra 200 FPS just from that alone.

    There is an extensive article on overclocking the GTS at AnandTech. I found it extremely helpful:


    With a decent cooling solution, I was able to raise my memory clock to 393MHz. You should be able to do something similar. The card is stable at this speed ... I've had it overclocked for 4 months.

    Good Luck ... Toejam31
  5. you said 200fps, i think you meant 200 3dmarks...big difference. i don't want newbies thinking they can add 200fps by enabling fast-writes
  6. How do I enable fast-writes? I have a GTS on a CUSL2. I don't remember seeing anything is BIOS.
  7. ledzepp98: You are absolutely correct. Thanks for correcting the oversight. I did indeed intend to type 200 "3DMarks".
  8. Crashman, in my system BIOS, under Advanced Chipset Features, there is a line: Fast R-W Turn Around. If you see something similar in your BIOS, enable it.

    I should be working on a computer with a CUSL2/e815 motherboard this weekend. I need to install some software. I will make a note to look in the BIOS while I am there, and see if this information is applicable for you.

    Apologies for the "FPS" typo. That's what I get for typing in the middle of the night!

    More soon ... Toejam31
  9. Hey, thanks for keeping me in mind. Hope to hear from you soon!
  10. Hi again, Crashman. I see that in a previous thread, you were looking for a method to overclock your GeForce2 GTS video card. Try this:

    Go to Start\Run. Type regedit, and hit enter.

    1. Open the key, "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\NVIDIA Corporation\Global" by navigating down to it in the left hand pane.

    2. Highlight "Global". Click "Edit", and from the drop-down menu, create a new key under Global named "NVTweak". (No quotes)

    3. Open this new sub-key, Click Edit, and add a new DWORD value in the NVTweak key with the name "CoolBits". (Again, no quotes)

    4. Double click on CoolBits in the right hand pane and set the value to 3 with a hexadecimal base. You can also right-click on CoolBits, and select Modify to add the proper value. You'll see a small box with either hexadecimal or decimal that you can choose.

    5. Reboot.

    After performing these steps, an overclocking screen will be available under the "Additional Properties" of your video card. First you must enable overclocking by clicking on the "enable" check box. After a reboot, you should be up and ready to overclock.

    Note: Be very careful when working in the Registry. It's always a good idea to backup the Registry before making any changes.

    More this weekend ... Toejam31
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