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Before i start i've never done any networking and don't have a great deal of knowledge about it. I currently have 2 PCs in the house one of which has broadband internet connection, this PC has a network card which is used for the Internet access and there is also a cable modem as well. The other PC is a standalone which has no connections to the internet. However this PC has a network card in it. I was wondering what i need and how i would network these computers together so they can share the same internet connection and printer etc. Also i would want it to be fast enough to allow both PCs to be able to play internet games such as 'Counter Strike'

Can anybody help?
any help will be greatful thanks
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  1. ok

    pretty easy, depending on the o/s on each.

    What you need is another network card in the pc with the net conenction, and from here, a CROSSOVER cable to your other pc, you will then need to setup a couple of things, but I need to know what o/s you have to give more detailed directions

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  2. Calv's reply is exactly correct however you may also want to consider an inexpensive SOHO router as it provides for more computers and adds an added layer of firewall security. In addition if it is like mine ( a dlink di-704) it also allows for packet filtering and some other cool stuff.. the dlink di - 704p has a printer server also but you can share printing without one of these ... if one of you boxes uses M$ XP then after you setup the crossover or hook up the router , run the network wizard on the xp box and it will take you through the whole process in about 4 minutes including creating a setup floppy for the second computer

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  3. The operating system which i'm using is Windows XP. I know this is probably really basic but what is a crossover cable? And also are there any recommendations for any particular networks. I would be after a cheapish and fast card to enable to play games
  4. a crossover cble is wired differently than a staight trough cable like the one on your modem to the nic you can buy one anywhere that sells networking gear usually and they are clearly marked ascrossover cables... any name brand 10/100 nic card will suffice for your network and will cost you 5.00 to 75.00 dollars depending on features and brand and vendor ... most 10.00 range ones are fine for your needs

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  5. Cheers mate, thanks for that
  6. oh yes you will also need 2 nics in the host machine too the one that IS connected to the modem.. one will serve to receive the broadband and the other to connect to the client computer via the crossover

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  7. Why use 2 NICs in one computer? Just buy a Linksys Cable Modem/DSL Router. Both computers plug into the router and the router plugs into the cable modem. The cable guys will only be able to see one computer (the router). They sell these for $59.00 at They make cheaper ones like from Belkin through , but I prefer Linksys.

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  8. I agree and suggested that already but he seems to want to use a crossover

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  9. Hi Calv, I want to network up my desktop and notebook so that my notebook can share the broadband connection on my desktop. I already have 2 network cards installed in my desktop. For my notebook, there is a built-in lan port. The o/s I use for desktop is WinXP, that for notebook is Win98. Kindly advice what should I do?

  10. ok, go into network connections on your desktop pc, find your net conenction, right click it, properties, and you will see the option so share the conenction, follow the wizard, amke a floppy when asked, then run the floppy in the 98 laptop.

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  11. Hi Calv, I've already done so before I sent you the message. That's why I asked. Obviously the XP Network Setup Wizard didn't work properly. Perhaps I need to look into the IP addressing. Thanks anyway.
  12. I have to say, I have had problems with ICS also, what sort of net access do you need from the client pc (the one sharing the connection)? if you only need basic net access/mail, then maybe something like analogx's proxy is the way to go, I used this a long time ago, works brilliant but things like aim/icq file transfers wont work. anyway it sets up in 2 minutes flat and is only very small. I think the site is <A HREF="" target="_new">here</A>

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  13. I just want to share files between my desktop and notebook, and to access internet from my notebook thru my desktop. I'll try IP addressing first (when I've time later this week). And then attempt your advice next. Thank again.
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