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Hey guys, Got a quick question about win2k.

My dad did something on his work laptop and now he wants me to fix it but i haven't done much detailed work with win2k.

anyway... when my dad starts up his PC and logs in .. there's a picture that loads... a led zepplin picture. Now he doesn't know the name of the file. I tried to search .jpg's, bmps, and couldn't find the image... he said he did something with webshots (image background app) well anyway...

the same exact image is shown in the background when i view the TASK MANAGER. So can any one help me how to get rid of this image and maybe just load up a plain screen in the background.

Thank you.

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  1. Right Click a Blank part of the desktop screen, select properties, the Display Properties window appears, work with the Background Tab, either select the picture of your choice or select none, click Apply, then click OK.

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  2. I didn't try it yet... but from what your describing it sounds like that would change the Desktop Wallpaper. And this image that loads isn't that... but i will try that.

    thanks for the reply.

  3. It's probably a Web Content thing.. You have desktop backgrounds.

    Display Settings - Desktop - Advanced - Web.
  4. yea i seen that option but didn't try it yet, i think that probley will fix it. thanks for the reminder man.

  5. You know that little GIF of the anime chick with the green tube top on? I have that in the lower right hand corner of my desktop.. she just sits there, bouncing all day. I get a lot of people wondering how I did it, even my computer friends. It's something so simple, but it's slightly buried.
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