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Hello, I just installed Win 7 pre-beta version as a new install while on another partition was already installed Vista. Now I can use both by selecting the boot drive I like, but I can no more use the BIOS dialog which was usually displayed before the start of the OS.
Can you please give me a hint of how to make the Bios menu available again firstly after the push of the turn on button?
Whitout this menu I can not set the CD as first boot device, for maybe easy OS replacement.
Any idea will help a lot!
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  1. can you select the boot sequence from within the BIOS?
  2. Try tapping the Del or F2 key repetedly at boot time to get the bios screen up. When you get into the bios, change settings to show bios at startup.
  3. Thanks for the hints, but .. it doesn't work. I tried this a lot. As I knew the key should be F2, I pressed F2 the most of the times, but to make sure I also tried F1, del and F10. None of them worked. It seems the BIOS option is no more displayed at all while the boot menu for the selection between the 2 OS is displayed mostly instantly. Can a CMOS erasure help in this matter? Or maybe is there any software which can allow the "flush" of the starting settings from whitin Windos? Thx!
  4. Ahem!

    If its a tower unit, then all you have to do is open the case and look for the coin battery to keep the time right in the bios and its current settings.

    Near there you will find a plastic jumper, it will bridge two pins, there will be a third one you can see.
    take the jumper off move it over one to bridge two pins.
    when done move it back to where it was.
    You have now set your bios to default factory settings.
    then turn your pc back on.
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