What are the Optimal Temp ranges for AMD t-bird

Was wondering if any one had some ideas on where I can find out the optimal temp ranges at which an AMD T-bird 800 mhz cpu should be running at? Tried to look on AMD's website with no success.
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  1. there is no absolute "range" for a temp. to be at.
    but on average, it should be about 40ish when idle, and a max of 55.

    but if u really want a ranged answer, idle should be 41-46, working 48-55.
  2. I don't know about optimal...below freezing would be optimal :)...but anything under 120F should be great. You can probably even go a bit higher without damaging it in the long run. I have been running my K6-3 at like 130F for over a year without a problem. The junctions will break down completely at 150F junction temp, but lifetime will go down at less than that.

    "Water-Cooled CPU Runner"
  3. The cooler the better, i try to keep it under 50 degrees C under heavy load (personal judgement), and it is about 30 right now (normal use).
    My Thunderbird 800 is doing 1 GHz now! great!
  4. My athlon Tbird 800 is running at 1GHz and idle temperature is around 30 degrees C. Maximum, while making divx movies, is about 50, depending on room temperature.
  5. Ok... well I'm gonna sound a lot different from the rest of the replies. The rated Tbird operating temperature is around 70 deg.Celsius for the slot version and up to 90 deg.Celsius for the sockect A version. I would advise u to keep well within this temperatures. you can download or view the technical documents for the tbird at the AMD site.
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