New system... Need to know what games i can play


I just got a new system and am pretty pleased with it. (compared to my last system)

CPU: Core 2 duo E7400@ 2.8GHZ
RAM: 4Gb 667MHZ
GPU: Zotac GTS 250 1GB Eco Oc'ed
HDD: 1TB WD Caviar Blue

Wondering what games i can play. I dont really care about what settings and stuff as long as it is 30-40 fps and looks better than N64

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  1. the question back to you is what style of games do you like playing?
  2. I like any kind of games. From Minecraft to Crysis

    I want to know what i cannot play eg crysis and then need to know what i have to do to make my machine good enough to play anything decent

  3. Bf3 will strech it to breaking point and maybe beyond,
    skyrim will be clunky,
    Mass effects no problem probably (try the me3 demo)
    witcher and witcher 2, will be tight too.

    Those are the big boys, anything else shouldn't be that intensive.
  4. oops i replied in the wrong thread.

  5. Thanks alot 13thmonkey

    So if i did want to play BF3 decent. What would i have to upgrade??

  6. it likes a quad, and the 250 is light, so a second-hand 775 quad (check mobo), and a secondhand GTX470?

    But give it a try with low settings you'll be able to play.

    I'm on a Q9550 and a GTX470, with 6GB and very happy at 2048x1152 (though I am upgrading to Ivybridge.
  7. im on a DC5800 tower with some other stuff

    E7400 @ 2.8Ghz
    4Gb 667 RAM
    Gts 250 1GB oc'ed

    How much will a Q9550 and GTX 470 set me back (british pounds/websites plz)

    Im going to upgrade to 8gb of ram soon but i dont think that is too much of a bother

    What slot does a GTX 470 go into??

  8. All gpu's are Pci-e.

    New 775 socket cpu's are madly expensive new, best second hand so its ebay.

    Mine will be for sale in late april.

    Wait for the new GPU launches at the end of march, it'll shuffle everything around price wise.

    Have you got a budget, because then we can figure out whats best given what you're you've got to play with.
  9. i could proberly save up about £200 to play with

    I dont mind wether it is second hand or not. Will my motherboard support better GPU'S??

  10. mobo fine, it'll be a bit constrained until you upgrade the cpu, but thats ok,

    or preferable a Q9XXX cpu


    but preferably one of these

    They'll both see you good.

    this is about the same, but more power hungry.

    I know its going overbudget but you can sell your 250 and your processor

    could boost your effective budget up to near 300?

    If you end up paying more than 100 for the cpu, then its probably better to consider a platform upgrade, as it'll be wasted. But from a GPU point of view spend what you can, but march 23rd will be the release of next gen nvidia gpus and no one really knows whats going to happen, there might be something released at the 200 price point that is a lot better than the 5XX series.
  11. FYI you haven't said what your mobo is, but check the manufacturer for compatible processors, and whether you need to update your bios, and do that first.


    What PSU do you have, make and model, as this will be more power hungry than what you have at the moment.
  12. I dont have a very good psu

    450W shady one

    Im just going to have to save up and wait

    Thanks for all your help

  13. Do nothing until PSU is good, or use the extra money from what you'll sell, if you drop down to a normal 560ti, the first link, then you can do it for bout 210-220 in which case you'll have enough for a stable psu.
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