SKYRIM - Most Fun To Play Character?

Since there are 10 to select from, I've allowed up to 3 selections for those that have played multiple characters and want to provide their top 3.

Note: to maintain integrity of the poll...
1. only vote for characters you've actually played or experimented with (at minimum, have 3+ hours of play time with any character you vote for)
2. don't vote for multiple characters unless you have experience with multiple characters (i.e. if you've only played one character so far, only vote for the one character)

Also, feel free to provide reasons why in the body of the post.
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  1. Only 2 votes? No one playing Skyrim?
  2. 1. I doubt many have played all the races in the game to determine which one is "most fun"
    2. I've played only two myself, so far I see no differences between the two play throughs in regard to my race
  3. I play Breton after 1 month, I am still no where near finishing the game!
  4. You are quite right pyree, "finishing the game" concept cannot be applied to skyrim :)
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