Tbird 1ghz + Abit KT7 +PC133

Got a question for you amd fans out there. I just bought my Amd system and here's what i got:
Tbird 1ghz blue core (unlocked)
Abit Kt7 (no raid)
mushkin 128bm pc133 cas222
maxtor 8.4 gig ata-33
atx case and 300w power supply

OK just so there is no question about what im running i gave my specs. Im not a greety overclocker but here's my question: I would like to be running a 133 fsb. My question is everytime i try and up my fsb PAST 107 my computer either won't boot or windows freezes and ctrl-alt-del tells me system is busy. Ive tried setting the multiplier down to 8 and even up to 12.5 and get the same result. I've pulled out everything but the hard drive and it still does it. My question is with the amd's whats the max fsb you'll get out of these puppies. Could it be my hard drive that is causing the fsb crash?
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  1. To check to see if it is the Hard drive, turn down all the timings on the drive (to PIO Mode 0, no UDMA) in the BIOS. Then see if it boots. I have the same problem with my K6 and TMC mobo... the motherboard has 112/124/133Mhz FSB settings, but even with all cards removed (bar my Geforce) the computer still refuses to boot @ 112 FSB (due to a Windows Protection Error in CMCONFIG (I think))
  2. it's most probably not your hd, current mobo's don't seem to support a very high bus speed, most don't seem to go to far past 100 mhz with out instability.
    the next generation of mobo's should fare much better with support for ddr at 266 mhz.

    Live long and frag ur ass off.
  3. FSB´s above 110 with a TBird are very rare. You should be happy with a number between 105 and 110!
  4. should i try uping the voltage? my motherboard is modified for 2.2v. think that uping it a bit would help?
  5. Just to let you all know i just got a new Maxtor HDD (40gig 7200rpm ata100) and guess what! My front side bus is now running at a cool 120mhz. Multiplier is still at 10 so i got 1200mhz. Ill probably bring the multiplier down cause im not that greedy for speed. I prefer stability over speed. Anyway thanks guys for your help with problems!!
  6. i can't get my FSB past 100MHz without having instabilities.. i upped my 800 to a nice 1G though...
  7. the only things that i did differently was 1) added the maxtor hdd and 2) with the kt7 you can upstep the fsb @ 1mhz increments. i got up to 120 and after that windows would freeze and got registry problems and some blue screens so im content with 120.
  8. huh, are you sure you got your KT7 FSB upto 120, I donn't think it's even physically possible to get past 113. anyway, since you did have fun then.
  9. Wow, 120 on the FSB! 110 is the max I could get, that's with errors. Where did you purchase your chip??
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