Duron 600 or 800?

Anyone care to comment on which Duron cpu would be the best for OCing....I will be buying a new MB too (ASUS or ABIT KT7).

Duron 600 or 700 or 750 or 800Mhz????

At this point it has nothing to do with $$$..since I see 600s for $50 (US) and 800s for $92. (pricewatch.com).

But I do want the most stable unit...running in the 900s or maybe 1000s! I also realize that some modification needs to be done to the cpu..but that shouldn't be a problem.

My system will basically be a Abit or ASUS MB with 128 PC100 ram...SBLIVE.

Any comments...should I just go for the cheaper 600??
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  1. the only problem I see with the 800 is that it may be closer to the CPU limits than say a 700. I haven't had the experience with an 800, but my friend's 700 is at 880, and I think we could get more out of it. I'd suggest upping the FSB first, although with PC100 RAM you will probably only get 110 tops.

    "Water-Cooled CPU Runner"
  2. It doesn't really matter which one you get. With enough cooling, you can get them all to 1000MHz.
    But I think that the 650 is actually cheaper than the 600 by about $5, but I have no idea why.
  3. I have an Asus A7V Mobo at work (Network Administrator). I use these as the company standard. They run very nice.....except if you are going to try and use the ATA/100 controller. It hangs at the Windows 2000 splash screen for about 3 minutes......searching for the drives. Then it boots up. I have no idea if this is an issue with all ATA/100 controllers and Windows 2000 but it is with Asus. I don't use the 100 controller because of this. It also has 2 ATA/66 contollers, all together supporting 8 IDE drives. Anyway, I would spend the 10 dollars more and get the PC133 memory since it will make a difference. You can set it for PC133 in the bios seperate from the FSB. Also, I have not been able to get the FSB above 104mhz. They say that it will do 110mhz but I haven't seen it done. DDR is very tempermental. Duron's and Thunderbirds are also picking with the quality of PC100 memory so take that into consideration and get something other than generic stuff. As far as the clock mutiplier, you should be able to get all Duron's to 950mhz with the processor modification (Does not work with the thunderbird). To get it to 1000mhz you will have to modify the board in order to raise the voltage enough. Tom's Hardware has an article about this. Hope this helps.
  4. Thanks all!

    Actually, I did find some decent data on variuos CPUs and their overclockability at http://www.overclockers.com

    Here is what I found on the Durons based on people emailing their results to the site.

    600 avg. OC speed is 927Mhz (503 cpus in database)
    650 avg. OC speed is 880Mhz (225 cpus in database)
    700 avg. OC speed is 951Mhz (249 cpus in database
    750 no data
    800 no data

    So the answer to my question ... THEY all are good for OC'g!!

    My choice is the 700 and lead pencil......and pop it into a new Abit Kt7 Raid MB.

  5. How about a combination consisting of a Duron, an ABit KT7 Mobo (not RAID), and a OCZ Monster II Cooler and a guarantee that it will run at 1000 Mhz? Price $219.99!

    I'm not kidding! I didn't even have close the L1 bridges as this 600 Mhz Duron was never locked. The cooler fits the KT7 like a glove (though I wouldn't say it is easy to install a cooler on a Duron/Thunderbird. It is hard to see if it on right).

    I bought the combo at http://ocz.safeshopper.com and it works great. I had to add a second case fan but now the Duron is running at full speed, 100 Mhz FSB X10, 1.80V core, at 44 degrees C while just surfing the net and 47 degrees under load.

    I did make a mistake by using the thermal tape that came stuck to the cooler. Apparently it is possible to achieve temperatures that are 4 or 5 degrees lower using thermal paste (not supplied).

    I also bought OCZ's Select PC-133 memory which is guaranteed to run at 133 Mhz CAS 2-2-2 or 150 Mhz CAS 3-3-3 for $74.99/128 MB.

    Check out the MadOnion.com review of the memory and the OCZ cooler at



  6. phsstpok,
    Hmmm. Sounds like a decent deal!

    Although after doing some research...it appears that most of the Durons are easily modified to reach 900-1000.

    Lucky for me I live near Silicon Valley CA and I found all the components locally here in CA for around $225. (Abit KT7 + Duron 700 + HS Fan)...so I will try my luck and report back.

    Before I buy...anyone recommend the quietest high-quality cooler fan for this set-up.
  7. After I left my last post I had one crash, (after about and hour of Need for Speed 3), so I increased the core voltage to 1.825. This raised my peak temp to 51 C. Since my goal is to keep temps in 40's I went out and bought some silicone based thermal compound, Radio Shack 276-1372. This lowered my temps to 42 avg, 47 peak. Now I will see if my system is stable. If I am satisfied I will back off the core voltage a little and test again. At some point I will try some Arctic Silver thermal paste which I hear is superior (see the link to the cooler review in my other post). I will leave a follow-up post.

    $215 is a good deal depending on the HSF. OCZ.SAFESHOPPER.COM offers a 600 Mhz Duron for $56.99 but since they guarantee an overclocked 1000 Mhz Duron for only $69.99 I would have chosen that route. (I know of no one else offering a similar guarantee). The package deal offered a little additional savings. Although,I did have to pay $17 shipping.

    The Comair Quiet Fan is a little louder than your average power supply fan. With two additional case fans, the power supply fan, and the Comair I can still listen to the television.

    Choose your HSF carefully. Because of the capacitors surrounding the KT7's processor socket, some overclocker's HSF's don't physically fit.

    Good luck with your purchase!
  8. Well...this thread started out as..
    Should I get a Duron 600 or 800Mhz. Yes I decided on
    the 600 (mainly because I found a vendor who tests and
    guaranteed the cpu at 1000Mz +!)

    Then I started to think about the other parts to complete my upgrade and after a day or two of reading forums and going to a couple computer shops I finally bought all the components.

    Funny thing was I was dead set on the Abit KT7...but I wanted the ATA100 capabilities in the KT7Raid (but didn't want to pay the price for the KT7raid. Then I stumbled across a Microstar MSI K7T Pro2-A and it seems to have all the right stuff...including software cpu tweaking!! I have read very favorable reviews on it. (I found it for $120. at local computer store...a lot cheaper than the ABITs.)

    So here are the components...
    MSI K7T Pro 2-A
    Duron 600 (pre-tested 1020Mhz)
    Globalwin FOP32
    Micron 128MB @133
    Enermax 351 (dual fan PS)
    (Arctic Silver Too!)
    Total upgrade cost $350

    Still Looking for Hard Drive...

    I will be putting this together in the next 2 days...I'll report back. ( if anyone is still reading this :-) )

  9. Great choice on the mobo. I feel that MSI boards are highly underrated by most people. That's almost the exact system I told my friend to buy. The only difference being the heatsink because he isn't going to overclock it much, so he could get a cheaper one. Excellent system!
  10. MSI boards are pretty good, I have a small MSI 6340 micro ATX, but it's very reliable. I run Windows 2000 with a Duron 600 and it's been rock stable so far.
  11. Thanks.
    Actually, the more I read about the MSI board...the more I like! So far I have only been able to look at it (through the anti-static bag..) since my Duron 600 cpu hasn't arrived yet. Sigh....maybe tomorrow the cpu will come. I guess I will be waiting out by the post box tomorrow afternoon..(feel like a kid at xmas) LOL!

    Also, I had a little "experience" with the memeory.
    I learned to NEVER EVER take the sales-dude's word for anything...After I bought the 128M stick (I was told it was "the best" cas2)...I checked the markings on my "so called" 133 CAS2 memory with the Micron WWW site. AND THE STUFF I BOUGHT is CAS3. (marking -75 on chip is cas3 and marking -7E is cas2)

    Lucky the local computer store gave me a cash refund...now I think I'll step up and buy Crucial or Mushkin. As I have read over and over...WHEN overclocking "don't skimp on the Memory.

    So my story lags on.....

    OK..COMMENTS ON WHAT 128MB/133 CAS2 memory to get...my spending limet is around $100-110 (US).

  12. I would urge you to go with Crucial or Mushkin (as you mentioned). You can get Crucial CAS-2 for $92 with free shipping right now. Mushkin has Their REV1.5 for $92, REV2 for $114, and REV3 for $133.

    I suggest that you get either the Crucial or the Mushkin REV3. The Crucial has the best price/performance ratio, but I think the Mushkin REV3 performs better (it's guatenteed to run at CAS2 at 150Mhz).
  13. Thanks Yoda...I am leaning towards the Crucial. Like you said it has the best bang for buck.
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