thunderbird 900 socket A?

Hi, Just bought an athlon 900 socket A and a pc-chips mb model m-807 and a chrome orb. What can I expect from this setup as far as overclocking goes?? Thanks....
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  1. is "pc-chips mb model m-807" the type of mother board?
    i've never heard of that one.... could you or someone else give me some specs on that one?

    But just for your information, i have a tb 800@950 on an a7v
    with GW FOP38, 33C idle.
  2. The m-807 is one of the newer mother boards supporting multiplier from the bios and fsb from the bios looks like it will work well with overclocking...
  3. Did you have to do much to get your Thunderbird to overclock? I didn't think that the Thunderbirds were very stable when overclocking. I remember reading an article on Tom's sight about it. Maybe it was just that they weren't as overclockable as the duron. I can't remember.
  4. the duron is definitely easier to oc by more... or from what i've seen anyway.
    I see alot of people able to get their duron 700 to 1000 very easily. This is in part due to that the voltage for the duron is lower than that of the tb. So raising to 1.85 volts give higher oc'ing potential for the duron.

    As for mine? Well, all i did was unlock the multiplier, max out the voltage and set my mulitiplier at 9.5.
    That was it. (couldn't get 10.0 multiplier, just wouldn't go) I have also increased fsb to 103 before, to get around 978Mhz, but i just leave it at 950.
    It's rock solid, not one crash in over 2 weeks.
    As for my cooling, i use the loud GW FOP38 and it keeps me at 33C idle.
  5. All I really want to get out of it is a gig I figure 100mhz should be easy with this combo, I am running a 550k62+@602 at the present....
  6. I have a 900 tbird on a A7V and Hit 1 gig with FOP38 and the loudass delta fan. I could not take the noise and installed my cheep Cool Master and had to go back to 900 just to load Windows.
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